Where to Stay in Edinburgh With Family: The Ultimate Guide

Ready to book your tickets? Follow our ultimate guide to discover where to stay in Edinburgh with family.


Water of Leith river running through Edinburgh

Named the best city to live in 2018, Edinburgh is a modern capital set in a fairytale location. With its sublime mixture of medieval, Victorian and Georgian architecture, the Scottish capital will make you fall in love with it. Read on to find out Plum Guide’s top recommendations on where to stay to get all the magic this city can offer to your family.

No matter your passion, the Scottish capital has you covered. From the majestic castle on a crag to the unmissable museums, no visitor will be short of things to see and do in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle

The city is incredibly dynamic: its pub scene is vibrant and summers are filled with festivals celebrating art, music, literature, and dance. Kids will be delighted by all the Harry Potter attractions and will go crazy at the Edinburgh Zoo.

Don’t like crowds one bit that much? Put your hiking boots on and venture on Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano with a breathtaking view over Edinburgh. Keep them on to try an axe-throwing session and set free your inner Vikings.

While all these activities are fun, Scottish people will be the real protagonists of your trip, making the city unforgettable. With their quick wit and their colourful accents, Scots are incredibly friendly and welcoming. We can guarantee you’ll want to come back.

Ready to book your tickets? Follow our guide to where to stay in Edinburgh with family, according to the Plum Guide team.

Old Town

If this is your first time in Edinburgh, you’ll find no better place to stay than in Plum home like Glowing Ember in the Old Town. The historic heart of the city, the Old Town provides visitors with impressive child-friendly museums and wonderful architecture dating back to the 12th century. Staying in this neighbourhood means great public transport, breath-taking views and being within walking distance from all the major tourist attractions.

In addition, you’ll have the right to say that you slept in one of the most haunted areas of the world, at least according to Condé Nast Traveler. Better not tell the kids, though.

The Old Town is not just one of the best areas to stay in Edinburgh but it’s also the perfect place to find a good walking tour to get to know Scotland’s history and the city’s structure. There’s so many to choose from, you’ll be overwhelmed by the variety.

Glowing Ember, Plum Guide home in Edinburgh

New Town

Side-to-side with the old town, you’ll find the New Town. A cosy district with plenty of shopping opportunities, the New Town is particularly lovely during Christmastime, when the Edinburgh markets warm up the cold Scottish winter.

Although called the “New Town”, this neighbourhood was built at the beginning of the 19th century, when a fire wiped out most of the buildings in the area.

The Ross Fountain, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Nowadays New Town is famous for Princes Street, the perfect place to satisfy your shopping cravings, which looks on the urban oasis that are Princes Street Gardens.

Why not stay in this area in one of Plum’s beautiful homes? You’ll be a stone’s throw away from Edinburgh main train and bus stations, not to mention its traditional pubs and Scotland’s National Gallery.


A picturesque neighbourhood close to the Water of Leith, Stockbridge has a reputation for being a trendy, bohemian village. Filled with independent shops, this area is particularly loved by writers and local artists.

Our team recommends this area if you’re looking for a quiet stay, not too far from the city centre. Check out our handsome homes to make your stay special.

This is the perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing walk, take some memorable pictures and buy local products, be it cheese, unique souvenirs or art.

Dean Village

A former grain milling area of more than 800 years, Dean Village is a quaint neighbourhood crossed by the Water of Leith. Quite close to Stockbridge, the area is quiet and residential thus granting you a relaxing stay away from the crowded streets of the Old and New Town.

Dean Village, Edinburgh

We especially recommend this area for families with babies and toddlers who are looking for a safe neighbourhood with little or no noise to disturb your sleep. In addition, art lovers can enjoy a visit to Dean Gallery and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. These buildings, which were an orphanage and an orphan hospital respectively, were both converted and refurbished to become art galleries.

Pop in to spend a few hours surrounded by art, a lot of their exhibitions are free.


If you’re looking for where to stay in Edinburgh that's filled with homely character, look no further.

Once a rough area to live in, Leith has gentrified over the years. Nowadays, the neighbourhood welcomes visitors from all over the world, students, and locals all in one lovely place (it often tops lists of where to stay in Edinburgh with kids.)

Leith is located at roughly 30 minutes walking from the Waverley train station or, if you prefer, you can just jump on a quick bus ride. Families will love this area for its varied restaurants and international cuisine. Be it Italian, Indian or Scottish, your palate will thank you.

The neighbourhood is also famous for its antique and second-hand stores, not to mention its Saturday market. Drop by to find the perfect gift or souvenir to take back with you and have a piece of Edinburgh in your home.

Morningside and Bruntsfield

Morningside and Bruntsfield constitute a charming combined neighbourhood situated just south of the city center. If you're looking to stay in the area, our homes like The Hydeaway are perfect.

The Hydeaway, Plum Guide home in Edinburgh

Being just ten minutes away from the Meadows, where you can find the biggest play area in the city, these districts make the perfect stay for families.

Morningside and Bruntsfield offer a great cafe scene and wonderful eateries, not to mention an abundance of quirky independent shops where you can support local businesses while shopping your way through your holiday.

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