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Our Homes That Prove Blue Really Is The Warmest Colour

Don't be blue this Blue Monday.


If, like me, you have a penchant for sapphire earrings, eat blueberries for breakfast and adore the works of Yves Klein, then we can all agree that we love the colour blue. And with Pantone’s Colour of the Year Award for 2020 going to, yes, you guessed it – blue, fans of this major player in the colour world have everything to celebrate. 

So don’t be blue this coming Blue Monday (supposedly the most depressing day of the year?! It’s my favourite day!) and let’s commend the colour blue with these amazing blue homes.

Blue WavesLet’s face it, the word blue is going to be bandied around a lot in these summaries. I mean, all the houses are blue, so I have to say the word blue, a lot. Blue Waves’ kitchen is stylish, and blue. Its bedroom is blue too. You may have guessed that I love blue, but what you didn’t know is that I love this home…mainly because it is blue.

I am not sure exactly who Emma is, but I know that we would get along fabulously. Blue walls, blue chairs, blue artwork, and various blue touches are all over this Copenhagen place. Thank you, Emma. Another true blue fanatic.

Wow, it is possible that this Berlin homeowner actually likes blue more than I do… I mean, it’s obviously not actually possible, as I am clearly obsessed, but they come a close second. Do NOT stay here if you don’t like blue homes. In fact stop reading now if that is the case. Who doesn’t like blue?<img src="https://static.plumcache.com/blogs/2020-01-15/16b27d73-2079-42a2-bcac-0f0e15fa0d4e.png" alt="!" /

The artwork in this home clearly states that ‘bananas are blue’ which at first led me to believe that the owners were indeed a little bananas themselves. That was until I explored the home further. Another blue obsessed interior designer at work here. Beautiful. Blue bliss. Beautiful Blue Bananas

Pure London tranquility. This Muswell Hill property oozes character, especially with the blue and earthy tones throughout. While not 100% blue, I’d certainly love for this place to be my valentine next year. Plus, bluetooth speakers throughout. See what I did there?

It is impossible to be blue in this outstanding Paris property. Unless of course you happen to be the luxurious blue couch, the blue stool, the blue bathroom or one of the blue bedrooms. They are always blue, but anyone or anything else simply cannot be blue in this heavenly home.

Due to its location in an area called Magenta I almost didn’t give this place a chance, but, boy oh boy, I'm glad that I did. As soon as you get past the red based suburb name, this Milan home is blue. Very blue. Bathroom, walls, furniture, even beds! Blue everywhere.

Best blue wishes, 

Margot Honeyball

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