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Ranked 15-1: Our Home Critic’s Pick of London’s Best Homes

Enlisting the help of a London Home Critic, we have curated a list of London's best homes, ranking them from fifteen to number one.


With Plum Guide's collection of superior London homes about to reach 2000, it’s easy to get lost in the delightful stream of panelled ceilings and mid-century modern furniture. As you can imagine, this often makes selecting our favourite homes a difficult job.

For a curated list of London’s best homes, we have enlisted one of our experienced London Home Critics to select their favourite homes in the collection, ranking them all the way from fifteen to number one. For serious interiors envy and inspiration, read on.

15. Perimetro

Can you put a luminous orange bench within a traditional 19th century building? Yes you can. And those sketches on the wall? Oh, just the creative mind of a lighting designer, no biggie. 

14. Ryokan

How could you not love a whole floor dedicated to bathrooms? The bath pictured is a Japenese style wooden bath, offset by a cascading stone wall. Practically your own private spa…swoon.

13. Space Odyssey

Combining Kubrick inspired furniture with a large collection of sculptures and pop art, you can live your maximalist 1970's dream in Space Odyssey. And, yes, those are sheepskin covered armchairs.

12. Earl of Fitzroy

A gorgeous Georgian townhouse with an equally beautiful interior. This room could be the Gryffindor common room, complete with a never-ending library, tapestries and artefacts from all over the world.

11. Love Saves The Day

A lesson in how to do family living in style. Modern artwork, feature lights, a pink sofa, wishbone chairs, wine shelves. It all works.

10. Skipping Stones

We’ve seen many a marble bathroom over the years, but a striking marble on every surface including the floors and walls? Heaven.

9. Over The Hedge

Over The Hedge proves that no colour is too much colour. Stunning artworks, vintage pieces and a whole host of textures complete this incredible family home.

8. With A Whisper

A balcony with a view of St Pauls? Say no more.

7. The King of Shoreditch

This home isn’t called The King for nothing. Filled with the host’s own artwork and a panoply of plants, it’s a space for inspiring your inner creative.

6. Mirabeau

Looking as if the intricate and carved ceilings have been dipped in a tub of lusciously green paint, this is how to do contemporary living.

5. Upside Down

Is it a warehouse? A gallery? A studio? Yes, Upside Down is all of these and more.

4. Mottisfont Hall

A great example of when the destination is as much about the home as it is about the city. Complete with grand living spaces (eight to be exact), a sauna, snooker room and bar, you’ll never want to leave.

3. A Change In Time

Combining comfortable family living with an eclectic interior style, this home is anything but boring. Deserving of a place in the top three, each corner is unique and intriguing, ensuring you will discover something new every day of your stay.

2. Taha’s Dream

This home was an easy choice for the coveted number two spot. Designed by Amin Taha and a winner of a RIBA National Award 2018, it’s a standout building with an even more standout story.

1. Copper Cabana

The cream of the crop. The jewel in the crown. Copper Cabana is a worthy winner. Featuring bespoke industrial architecture and one of the most impressive kitchens we’ve ever seen, feel inspired and rejuvenated in this one-of-a-kind home/masterpiece.

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