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The 15 Cosiest Homes in Copenhagen (that are also affordable)

A characteristic of Danish culture, Copenhageners are all about hygge – and so are we! Read on for the cosiest homes in Copenhagen that embody this state of cosy comfortability in its purest form


If you haven’t yet heard of hygge – a Danish cultural phenomenon that’s travelled the world over the past couple of years – you’ve probably been living under a rock. The internet is bombarded with guides on how to hygge, and which things to buy to achieve this ultimate state of cosy bliss. But to Danes, it’s so much more than investing in a fluffy throw and cosying up in front of a fireplace, warm cocoa in hand and dressed in your most comfortable pyjamas. Hygge is a way of being. It’s a state of connecting with your loved ones. A place of happiness where everybody is equal and everybody is at ease.

Read on for our take on the fifteen most cosy homes in Copenhagen. We guarantee that they’re an ideal place to experience hygge in its natural habitat.

Simultaneously stylish and casual, Cinemascope embodies hygge in an everyday, familiar kind of way. Danish design classics blend with colourful art to form a welcoming space – and it’s especially well-suited for children, with a quirky and creative kids’ room.

From £197 per night, sleeps 7

Yes, it’s small, but to us, Mirage is textbook hygge. We are in love with the yellow sofa – close your eyes and imagine cosying up on that thing with your favourite book in hand. Do we need to say more?

From £211 per night, sleeps 3

Set in the heart of Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter (an area full of book shops and cafes), Meet Me in the Kitchen is like a sanctuary. Complete with charming creaky floors, a wonderful bathtub to unwind in, and a fully equipped kitchen that’s great for cooking a huge feast, it’s a wonderful base for families visiting the city.

From £350 per night, sleeps 6

When you are inside Touch Wood, you forget all about the fact that it’s so central (just moments away from Strøget). It’s an old attic that’s been completely transformed by the host – our favourite part is the master bedroom, which is hands down the perfect spot for breakfast in bed!

From £491 per night, sleeps 6

Kickflip is a lot more colourful than your ordinary Danish home, but we love that it has plenty of soul. It’s brimming with personal touches like skateboards and snowboards that have been turned into shelves, oozing pure, lived-in cosiness.

From £270 per night, sleeps 6

A quintessential family home, Milk & Cookies consists of cosy nooks aplenty. If you feel like it, you can even use the piano to play an accompanying tune to all of the hygge that will be going on.

From £351 per night, sleeps 4

While this home packs a lot of comfy furniture, it’s in the courtyard that we find the ultimate hygge appeal. And it’s also brilliantly located in terms of all the attractions – Amalienborg Palace (the Queen’s Castle) is just a two-minute walk away.

From £281 per night, sleeps 7

Magical Realism reminds us of Scandinavian nature. Brimming with colour and different materials, it bears many references to fjords and forests. Calming yet vibrant, it makes for a cosy base in the pulsating heart of the city.

From £281 per night, sleeps 4

Sloped ceilings? Check. Creaky floors? Check. Cosy furniture? Triple check! Not only is this flat in a wonderful location in the Latin Quarter, but it’s also within walking distance to an abundance of cafes, book shops, and restaurants. We won’t judge you if you decide to spend your entire stay in Copenhagen curled up inside though… Trust us, we would do the same!

From £336 per night, sleeps 5

Most of the furniture is handcrafted by the hosting couple, which makes for a welcoming and unique atmosphere. Motion Picture packs hygge in huge quantities, because every centimetre of this place encourages you to slow down and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

From £232 per night, sleeps 6

Candy Shop is one of our more exclusive homes, because you get an entire townhouse to yourself. Each room is designed with so much attention to detail, creating a warm atmosphere that’s impossible to get tired of. It also has several fireplaces to amp up the hygge factor.

From £533 per night, sleeps 5

A studio home, The Close-Up is small, but the space is utilised well, and every corner is welcoming. We also love the partitioning wall that separates the living area from the bedroom. It’s very, very cosy.

From £197 per night, sleeps 3

This Copenhagen home is brimming with posters, pillows, and plants. A bohemian feel transpires in every room – even on the balcony that’s made for warm summer nights. We love every inch of this home, but our favourite part is the kitchen – the host loves cooking, so it’s equipped with everything you need to cook up a storm.

From £197 per night, sleeps 2

We have an affinity for homes with sloped ceilings, and The Jonna has a lot of them. The bedrooms are cosy, but it’s the living area that’s the cosiest. We love all of the soft furnishings, particularly the two sofas that are as comfy as they look.

From £561 per night, sleeps 6

Thumbelina is split across several levels, offering lots of space for socialising and enjoying some quiet time. To us, it’s the kitchen that’s the true highlight – it’s inviting and inspires us to spend some quality time in good company.

From £337 per night, sleeps 6

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