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Picture Perfect – the best home galleries

Give a bare wall some love with these inspiring home galleries


Are your walls feeling a little bare, can’t quite figure out how to arrange the photos, prints and artwork you’ve collected over the years? Don’t fret, take inspiration from some of our favourite home galleries.

Pro tip: arrange your gallery on the floor before you start hammering nails into the wall. Sounds obvious, we know, but sometimes you just want to go at it with gusto… and the results can be devastating. 

Let's dive right in.

At The Family Treehouse, they've really done it by the book and the results are fantastic.

Instead of hanging one large piece of art, put up a symmetrical gallery instead. Make sure to use Like a Magazine as your template because this is what gallery dreams are made of.
We've said it before and we'll say it again: The 70s are making a comeback and The Mock Turtle has got it figured out.
Impressive gallery, impressive chandelier, impressive space. What more can we say about Chalk Hall?
As if we needed another reason to love mid-century modern design. Sleek, yet delightfully cool, you can hang a range of frames and images and it still works. (Prime example: Colour Cascade)
At Pop Culture, an uber-cool loft in Berlin, rumour has it the host's girlfriend insisted there be at least one more photo of her on the walls than Kate Moss. Sounds fair.
There are no words to describe our love for Choir Song. So we'll just let you drool over it (as we are now).
The colours at Visionaries are as delicious as our favourite ice cream flavours and the playful art gallery is just the cherry on top (see what we've done there?)
Vintage and yet so modern, we present to you … Sunset Boulevard.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sometimes much of the same is all it takes, as Safe Haven successfully proves.

You know we love a velvet sofa and the artwork is pretty spectacular too. If only we could find out where the host of The Dalston Artists found those amazing pieces. Do us a favour and ask her next time you're in London?
Film Theory is, in fact, in Copenhagen and we are loving the banter.

Brick walls are always cool and they’re only made cooler with a fantastic collage of sketches and photographs. Christopher’s Glimmer is also in one of our favourite New York neighbourhoods: Greenwich Village.

And for the final, we’ve gone a little rogue. East Wind, West Wind is proof that hanging plates on the walls is not something for grannies. In fact, only the cool kids are doing it. 

Now, just remember that all of these could be yours (for a weekend, at least).

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