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All The Colours Of The Rainbow And London's Got Them All

You’re not alone – we also love colourful doors! This is our collection of the prettiest ones in London, all the way from Notting Hill to Shoreditch.


Okay, it’s time for a truth bomb… We actually don’t know why London has so many colourful doors. Shocking! Right?  

And we’ll let you in on another secret, it caused quite the stir in the office. Someone with a knack for colour theory suggested that it’s a way for homeowners to showcase their personalities to people who pass by. If that’s the case, anyone that’s chosen a caramel hue for their door is the most chilled out, down-to-earth person you’ll ever meet. Tangerine and other bright oranges are for the quirky intellectual-types. And if you ever come across a pink-cotton-candy-kind-of-situation, you’ll know that someone outgoing hides behind it.  

While we’d love to buy into this hypothesis, there’s also the (off) chance that some people just have a pillar box red door because they like the colour – and who can blame them? Some might go for the subtler end of the spectrum, like grey, white, and the ever-mesmerising black because it complements the period architecture. Others prefer colours that are so bright that they’re bursting at the seams and might potentially be off the Pantone charts.  

We don’t like to pick sides (we love all colours and theories equally), which is why it’s your lucky day: you’re not just getting the end of the rainbow, you’re getting all of it. Scroll down for some stunning examples of colourful London doors that our photographer Mark has found. Yes, it’s true, his job is to wander through the streets of London looking for the best doors – that is, when he’s not out shooting breathtaking homes, of course.  

Who knows? One of the doors might lead to a beautiful home that you can book on the Plum Guide… 

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