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The Ultimate London Theatre Guide

Whether you're looking for a drama or a good singalong, our guide to London's theatre scene has you covered.


Thriller musical sign, London

Nothing offers an evening of fun like a trip to the theatre. From the excitement of waiting for the stage curtain to rise, to the obligatory interval ice-cream break and touching/thrilling/amusing acting performances, it’s a real treat for the senses. When it comes to options for your theatre night out, you’re spoilt for choice in London. Seek out the very best musicals, comedies and dramas with Plum's London theatre guide.

Les Miserables - The classic must-watch

Les Miserables has to feature in any London theatre guide, with the show permiering in London 1985 and still going strong today at the Queen’s Theatre. If that’s a bit too mainstream for you, or you've seen the film version and you're (dare we say) over it, try another one of the classics: Phantom Of The Opera, Mamma Mia, The Lion King or Chicago. All of these have been going for at least 18 years, so they’ve got enough matinees under their belt that you’ll surely be in for some great entertainment. 

Book of Mormon - The controversial comedy

The first must-see comedy is the controversial yet hilarious Book of Mormon musical, playing at the Prince of Wales Theatre. Written by the writers of South Park about a Mormon missionary in Africa, it’s been heavily praised as one of the funniest shows around. It’s probably not for the prudish though as the comedy aims to shock - but if you’re open to all sorts of silly humour combined with unbearably catchy songs, it’s a shoo-in for any London theatre guide.

Prince of Wales Theatre, London

Warhorse - The terrific tearjerker

For those looking for something a bit more evocative, try Warhorse. Set during World War I, the play takes you on an emotional journey following the story of a young horse named Joey and his beloved owner Albert. With awe-inspiring puppetry and stellar acting, Warhorses follows the separated companions – book a ticket to find out if they are reunited. Bring some tissues along though, as there won’t be a dry eye in sight. Stay nearby in one of our West End homes like this stylish space in Soho or this bright and cosy duplex in Covent Garden.

The Cambridge Circus, Plum Guide home in London

Mother Mercer, Plum Guide home in London

Hamilton – The hottest ticket in town

After making quite the impression on Broadway, Hamilton made its way across the pond to London's Victoria Palace Theatre in 2017 and since then, it's become one of the most popular shows in town. With a score that merges soul, hip hop and R&B by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton recounts the story of Alexander Hamilton, the American Founding Father in a bold and brilliant way that has been met with critical acclaim. As you'd expect, tickets can be hard to come by. But we recommend downloading the Hamilton app and entering the daily lottery. You never know…you could get lucky and find yourself with a couple of free tickets. And if you've already sorted your tickets (get you) and are looking for somewhere to stay near the theatre, then look no further than our collection of homes in the neighbourhood. From The Ivory Tower to Pimlico Gem, you're spoilt for choice.

The Ivory Tower, Plum Guide home in London

Pimlico Gem, Plum Guide home in London

Where to get your London theatre tickets

Now that you’ve got your show decided, you’ll probably need to know where to actually buy the tickets – a reasonable ask of a London theatre guide. If you’re looking for last minute seats, the best way to view what’s on offer is by visiting one of the many ticket booths dotted around the London’s West End, namely in Leicester Square. Many sellers will offer last minute deals on remaining tickets, but don't expect the best seats in the house if you're booking this way. Equally you can grab some great deals by approaching the theatre's box office directly, as they can get returns tickets or unsold tickets that they’re keen to shift on the day.

If you’d rather plan in advance, buy your tickets online. Places like Lastminute.com and Theatremonkey always have plenty of shows to choose from at a few days' notice, and the same goes for heading to the appropriate theatres' online websites too. This way you can choose your seat in advance without the stress of wondering whether you may or may not get a good ticket. Although if you’re able to, we recommend planning your theatre trip well in advance – especially if you're keen to see the most popular shows in town like those mentioned in this London theatre guide.

If you're looking for a convenient base for your foray into London theatre, consider staying just outside the West End. The Kensington neighbourhood is among London's safest and most charming, while our Marylebone neighbourhood guide will convince you to stay a little closer to Regent's Park – especially wonderful during the summer months like August in London.

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