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The Lowdown on Where to Stay in New York City

A curated neighbourhood guide for your upcoming trip to the Big Apple


New York skyline from river at sunset

Heading to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of? Thanks to this curated neighbourhood guide to the Big Apple, you’ll be able to easily choose the best area to stay in New York. No matter what type of trip you’re hoping for, Plum Guide have got you covered.

Midtown Manhattan

When it comes to where to stay in New York, if this is your first visit to the city, you can’t do better than Midtown. You’ll be right in the centre of the action - yes, genius, that’s why it’s called Midtown - and within easy access to everywhere you might want to go. Hear the blare of the taxis. Feel the lights of Times Square shining blindingly into your Manhattan-virgin eyes. Buy a hot dog from a street vendor and know that even if it does make you queasy, you’re seconds away from the comforts of your luxury Plum Guide home.

Acadia, Plum Guide home in New York

Upper East Side

Want to make your teenagers feel like they’re living their Gossip Girl dreams? (Anything to keep them happy.) Look no further than the Upper East Side, where the elite meet (and by meet we mean live). This highbrow haven is one of the fanciest and best areas to stay in New York, ideal for those who love luxury, shopping, and trips to the museum (aka you). These city blocks are basically the Ritz of New York living so be prepared to witness a sea of Hermès bags floating above the sidewalk at any given moment.

Celebrating a special occasion with family and friends? Well, then a UES seven bedroom townhouse boasting 6,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space is exactly what you need.

The Presidential, Plum Guide home in New York

Upper West Side

For a leafy, suburban feel despite the convenient Manhattan location choose to lay your temporary New York roots on the Upper West Side. Home to Lincoln Center, where performing arts institutions the Metropolitan Opera and New York City Ballet are based, this area also hosts the fabulous and family-must American Museum of Natural History.

On a weekend morning, grab a bagel (obviously) to eat later in your enviable garden, and stroll the quiet side streets alongside local families and their perfectly coiffed dogs headed to nearby Central Park for a walk.

Oasis on Central Park West, Plum Guide home in Manhattan, New York City

Greenwich Village

If you secretly wish you were a jazz musician, impoverished painter or spoken word poet - first of all, stop, because we all know you wouldn’t be able to afford this holiday - and secondly, Greenwich Village is where to stay in New York. Referred to as simply ‘the village’ by locals - because New Yorkers are as obsessed with their hometown in real life as they are on TV - this charming, artsy area of downtown Manhattan really is a little village amidst the urban jungle.

Suite Life, Plum Guide home in New York


For those who have to walk into every art gallery you see - you know who you are, as do your up to here family - Chelsea is without a doubt one of the best areas to stay in New York; the streets are chock-a-block with some of the world’s best galleries. Other neighbourhood highlights include outdoor and indoor antique markets, trendy restaurants, speakeasies and cocktail bars. Plus, you can easily walk downtown if you start feeling too posh for your own good. (But surely that's not a thing?)


Calling all hipsters and cool hunters, all those who wear socks with their sandals. This neighbourhood is certainly where to stay in New York if you fancy yourself as fashionable. (Socks with sandals though? Really?) Anywyay, back to it. Get lost among the cobblestoned streets, dip in and out of trendy boutiques and feel very full of yourself indeed, every time you tell a taxi driver your address.


It feels almost like cheating putting Brooklyn - which by the way is enormous - as one category on this list, but we’re doing it anyway. Once the borough Manhattanites moved to for cheaper rent, much of Brooklyn is now more expensive than Manhattan. It’s a little bit calmer too. Much more spacious and greener. No matter who you are and what you’re into, you can find your people in BK. (That's Brooklyn for anyone who didn't catch on.)

A few of our favourite areas include Williamsburg, the land of craft beer and artisan coffee. For more of a residential feel, you'll want to stay in Brooklyn Heights, an area known for its elegant brownstones and a picturesque promenade along the East River that boasts unrivaled views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

And if you’re looking for a quiet oasis to call home after a busy day exploring the city, then Park Slope is the place for you. This community focused neighbourhood near the rolling greens of Prospect Park is brimming with organic fruit and vegetable markets and family-friendly cafes. There are also some rather delightful Plum Guide homes in the neighbourhood too, even if we do say so ourselves.

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