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The Safest Places to Stay in New York

The safest neighbourhoods to stay in New York for your upcoming Manhattan holiday


Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York City

New York, New York - it's a wonderful town as the song says, but is it a safe one? Thanks to our expert take on the city, the answer is yes. And once you've decided on the neighbourhood, up next is choosing from our collection of homes in NY. Here at Plum Guide, we guarantee quality with all of our homes, so you will never have to worry about your standards not being met. Our home critics have professionally vetted each and every Plum Award winner - testing everything from interior design to practical details like water pressure - to make sure our listings contain only the top 3% of holiday rental homes...because, well, you deserve the best. So without further ado, let's take a look at the safest places to stay in New York.

Upper West Side

The Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center, New York

Copyright: NYC & Company
Credit: David La Spina/NYC & Company

The Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center, New York | ©NYC & Company Credit: David La Spina/NYC & Company

When it comes to the safest places to stay in New York, the Upper West Side is where it’s at, especially if you’re travelling with your nearest and dearest. Thanks to an exceptionally low crime rate, family-friendly vibe, leafy parks, great food and some of the best bagels in Manhattan, this pricey posh residential area is one of the best neighbourhoods with delightful places to call home away from home.

Central Park and Riverside Park are your front and backyards on the UWS and thanks to Lincoln Center calling the area home, it’s a vibrant centre for the arts as well. Lincoln Center is where both the Metropolitan Opera and New York City Ballet perform and there’s really no excuse not to catch a performance when you can walk there from your perfectly-located Plum home. The Natural History Museum is another highlight of staying around here. The NYC institution is dedicated to exploring human cultures, the natural world, and the known universe. The quaint and quiet brownstone-lined streets and leafy adjacent avenues make for an idyllic family walk even if your kids do nothing but stare at their phone screens the whole time. There are also loads of restaurants, diners and cafés to duck into when one of you inevitably gets hungry. Everybody wins.

Collection of photos of The Painter, Plum Guide home in New York

The Painter, Plum Guide home in New York

1 Bedroom | Sleeps 2 | 1 Bathroom

Key highlights:

  • Enjoy the mix of bright street art
  • Admire the blues behind the colourful bar cart
  • Marvel at the gallery of unique paintings

Upper East Side

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York City

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York City

Just across Central Park lies the Upper West Side’s Easterly twin. It’s one of Manhattan’s ritziest neighbourhoods, boasting grandiose pre-war apartment buildings, upscale dining options and the type of schools you’d consider sending your kids to if you lived in the city (and wanted to say goodbye to your retirement fund).

For the culture seekers, let it be known that on 5th Avenue between 82nd and 105th Streets lies the Upper East Side’s artistic goldmine, Museum Mile. Along this stretch of enviable real estate are eight world-class museums to get bored in explore including the Museum of the City of New York, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you’re snoring already don’t forget that Madison Avenue is the dream come true of shopping in New York and one of the city’s most iconic department stores, Bloomingdale’s is also located in the area.

Collection of photos of The Lexington Arms, Plum Guide home in New York

The Lexington Arms, Plum Guide home in New York

4 Bedrooms | Sleeps 10 | 5 Bathrooms

Key highlights:

  • Relax by the fireplace in the living room
  • Reside in a classy and stylish neighbourhood
  • Eat on the leather booth at the breakfast table


View over Chelsea from the Highline, New York City

View over Chelsea from the Highline, New York City

Chelsea is certainly a great option if you want something with a little more of an atmosphere but still secure. Translation: if you’re one ache and pain away from a midlife crisis, want to feel cool but are still an oldie at heart then this is the place for you. Trendy Chelsea is just south of Midtown West and offers great shopping, dining, and nightlife close enough to the hustle and bustle of Times Square that you can get there easily, but far enough away that you’ll sleep in peace and quiet. The cute cobblestoned streets will see your children selfie-ing to their hearts’ content and are dotted with boutiques, art galleries, cafes and delicious local restaurants. Don’t miss street grub paradise Chelsea Market if you’re up for a food tour of NYC, or simply desire Instagrammable photos to make your friends believe you’re hip.

A walk on the Highline, a 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park, is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon. Antique and vintage flea markets also crop up around the area giving you the opportunity to buy the perfect, one-of-a-kind souvenir to take back home. You can browse your options from above as you stroll the Highline and prepare your credit card for the damage. If you’re planning a Christmas holiday visit, it’s worth a reminder that nearby Union Square hosts one of the city’s most popular Christmas markets.

Collection of photos of The Naked City, Plum Guide home in New York

The Naked City, Plum Guide home in New York

1 Bedroom | Sleeps 2 | 1 Bathroom

Key highlights:

  • Enjoy spectacular views from the shared rooftop
  • Work up a sweat in the guest-only gym
  • Get out into New York's bustling street life

Soho and Tribeca

Soho (so called because it is South of Houston Street) is south of Greenwich Village’s Washington Square Park and neighbouring Tribeca is slightly further downtown. Both these trendy neighbourhoods are chock-a-block with chic restaurants, buzzy nightlife and great New York apartments, and are among the safest areas in the city.

Soho is a shopper’s paradise, so if swiping your credit card is your holiday exercise of choice (no judgement from us), this is the neighbourhood for you. Enjoy meandering through upscale art galleries, browsing the unique wares on offer from local street vendors and taking in the elegant cast-iron facades and charming cobblestoned streets this area is known for. When evening comes, you’ll be spoiled for choice of restaurants and nightlife hotspots. Go on, you know you want to.

Collection of photos of The Love Bug, Plum Guide home in New York

The Love Bug, Plum Guide home in New York

1 Bedroom | Sleeps 2 | 1 Bathroom

Key highlights:

  • Admire the characterful brickwork in the bedroom
  • Chill out in the funky terrace area
  • Marvel at the eclectic decor

Brooklyn Heights

Just one stop on the subway from Manhattan (or a quick cab ride for those of you who’d rather not venture below ground), the Heights is where to stay in BK (short for Brooklyn, by the way) for those who want to feel fancy. It’s one of the safest places to stay in New York as well as the most picturesque. The neighbourhood is elevated above the East River offering thrilling panoramic views of Manhattan. Quiet tree-lined streets brim with pre-war brownstones and cosy cafes. There are some fantastic vintage and antique shops and delicious restaurants. Don’t miss a sunset stroll along the raised riverside promenade. Watching night fall on the New York City skyline is only one perk of staying here instead of Manhattan. Great for families and couples alike, you’ll love the suburban feel here when staying in a Plum home like Urban Retreat, while still being ultra close to the city.

Collection of photos of Enchanted, Plum Guide home in New York

Enchanted, Plum Guide home in New York

3 Bedrooms | Sleeps 4 | 2 Bathrooms

Key highlights:

  • Admire the pink coloured staircase
  • Enjoy the dreamy art and bold accents
  • Feel the glow of the kitchen's golden backsplash

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