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The Sports Enthusiast's Guide to Visiting London

Want to know where to stay for Wembley, Twickenham, or Lords? Or perhaps you just want to learn your football from your cricket.


If you're headed to London for a sports event, or in the hope of catching one, you've got a mass of options.

London's main football teams - Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham - are some of the best in the Premier League. Wimbledon is the tennis capital of the world, Lord's is widely referred to as the home of cricket, and the London Stadium was once the Olympic Stadium.

The London marathon is a good reason for a day out. There truly is no end to sporting events in the capital, and what's more is we've selected a few Plum properties nearby. Drink all the beer you want to drink, one and all.


If you're from the states attending a footie match, don't be shocked if you receive a bit of banter about what football is.

British culture relies on taking the mick out of each other on a constant basis - it's a term of endearment. Just tell them you guys do actually kick the ball and then cheer for their team.

Wembley Stadium: The new Wembley Stadium stands on the same site as the one it replaced. That would be the one where we won the World Cup that one time really recently. (…in 1966.)

Many home games take place at Wembley for various teams. Tottenham hotspur has used it as a temporary home stadium while theirs was rebuilt. There's generally always something sporty going on at Wembley. It is, "The Home of Football" after all.

**The Birdman **A tranquil family home with a bay window and charming garden, The Birdman is a quintessentially British space - with a twist.

**Javi **With an idyllic balcony-view of Wembley Stadium itself, this quirky and quaint space in the heart of Brent is impossible to not fall in love with. 

London Stadium: Construction for the Olympic Stadium started in 2008 near Stratford. It has since been reconstructed to become the London Stadium and home of West Ham United. West Ham competes in the Premier League - basically the Oscars of football.

**The Church Tower **Staying in The Church Tower will provide you with the most exclusively unique and sacred stay you'll ever have. Climb the original staircase and look out over the beautiful area.

**Ruthven Park **Wooden floors, a cocktail bar, high ceilings, and brick walls; this property is ideal for those who search for luxury, peace, and quiet. 

Emirates Stadium: Up in Holloway, Arsenal's home ground of the Emirates Stadium stands tall. At first, the stadium wasn't "Arsenal" enough for the football fans and so the stadium started to undergo an "Arsenalisation" to make the fans happy. It worked, and the result is fab.

(Just don't say that to someone who supports Chelsea.)

**Fever **This gorgeous one bedroom pad will give you fever both with its incredibly good value pricing and proximity to the Emirates Stadium.

**Heart of Islo **A snug and romantic Georgian haven for couples and friends, Heart of Islo provides a sense of familial solitude in a lively and bustling part of town. 

Stamford Bridge: Think of the Mets vs the Yankees in baseball, then apply that to football in London and you've got Arsenal vs Chelsea.

Plans to uproot Chelsea from their current home at Stamford Bridge for expansion are due to start within the next couple of years. Until then, Chelsea will continue to play there along with events from loads of other sports from baseball to speedway.

**Chelsea Swagger **Once a stomping ground for 60's youths, Chelsea Village is now the perfect spot for a calm and conservative family holiday, and this luxurious two bedroom apartment has all of the amenities you could need.

**Fontayne **A restored suite apartment in the private Chelsea Studios, Fontayne's art deco kitchen, fireplace, and water feature are true to their artistic foundings. 


Sometimes it's good to keep score, but it's also hard. These are some of our favourite apps to keep track of match scores and footie news.

  • OneFootball: The essential football app for die-hard footie fans [Android] [iOS] [Windows] 
  • Footy Stats: This simple-to-use statistics app will get you in with the lads [Android] [iOS] 
  • FlashScores: Keep on top of all your scores - and not just football. [Android] [iOS]


Football sure is the nation's greatest sports love, but we don't just love that. Alongside it we immerse ourselves in TV shows like A Question of Sport and A League of Their Own. We'll watch cricket during the Ashes and rugby when the footie's not on.

London is home to plenty of stadiums, not just those that cater to football. Here are a few of the most iconic sports venues in London and some great stays if you're interested.

(We also love a lot of American sports like wrestling and MMA - but that's another thing for another day, and most of that happens at The O2.)

Lord's: Cricket can be enjoyed by every member of the family, but a day out at Lord's doesn't have to be cricket-orientated. More than two centuries old, Lord's Cricket Ground is known as "The Home of Cricket", which means London is also "The Home of Cricket." Located in St. John's Wood, it's also home to the oldest sporting museum in the world.

Get tickets for a cricket match at the must-see Lord's on their official website.

**Bronwen Court **Mere steps from Lord's and the infamous Abbey Road, this posh and beautiful property in a posh and beautiful neighbourhood has tonnes of in-house entertainment and luscious kitchen space.

**Grove Hall Court **Contemporary elegance is this one-bedroom apartment's charm. With a home cinema system and location in North West London's most glorious area, only good times pass here. 

Wimbledon: Wimbledon isn't just a tennis tournament, it's a way of life. A way of life wherein, every summer, Brits crowd around their TV sets to tune into the matches at the All England Club (to celebrity spot.) The tournament started at All England in 1877 and is still going strong.

The area also used to be home to Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium until it was demolished in 2018.

Get your hands on your tickets for The Championships here.

**St. Peter's Close **This two-bedroom family home is a steal when it comes to pricing and fabulous location in the up-and-coming bobo locale, Balham.

**Lumiere **A property that lives up to its name, this spacious and refreshing family home is styled right out of pages from a magazine. Its private garden and lounge area are sure to lighten your life. 

Twickenham: Twickenham Stadium was built on top of an old cabbage patch. This has led to many-a-pub around the stadium being named after it. Whilst Twickenham isn't considered as being in the city, it's close enough to get to from the London for us to include.

If you love rugby, you'll understand why we couldn't neglect to mention the international rugby stadium that's housed here.

Nab your rugby tickets post haste!

**The House of Art **Garden and patio lovers will be overjoyed at this three-bedroom home that rivals many-a-gallery with its extensive art collection.

**The Dream Catcher **On the back of the iconic Richmond Park, this exceptional house has three luxurious bathrooms and and in-house sauna for all the relaxation you could ever need. 

York Hall: The unassuming York Hall in Bethnal Green has multiple personalities. Inside the venue is a gym, a pool, and a spa. Most importantly, it's the location of one of the UK's best-known boxing venues. It also hosts wrestling matches, live music, and various other events.

Find tickets for boxing matches (and other events) at York Hall here.

**Mulberry Muse **Hip East London will come to you if you stay in this Scandi-cool-cum-industrial haven.

Perfectly Framed Spread out across the top two floors of a former farmer's workship, this space offers everything from a private library to a bedroom with a phenomenal view. 

One final thing you oughtn't to forget: Sightseeing sports tours of London are a thing - and they're brilliant.

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