These Homes Are in Our Good Books

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Whether you like a classic novel, a page-turning thriller or an inspiring autobiography, we can all agree that the joy of reading is one of the greatest. 

Yes, the Kindle might be more practical and portable nowadays, but we’re sorry, there is simply nothing better than the smell of a good book. (Seriously, if they bottled that scent up and sold it as a perfume, Margot would never go near her No. 5 again.) There’s also something special about watching your books build up into a beautiful library of stories within your own home. 

Because of this, our Home Critics always rate a well-curated library highly (incredibly so if it's colour coded). Here are some of their absolute favourites. Bookworms, prepare to swoon...

La Biblioteca, Milan

A staircase that doubles up as a home library. We'd never thought about it before, but now we can't stop. 

Frutteto, Rome

A splash of yellow against dark mahogany and leather-bound books galore. Oh, stop it...

Look at You, Copenhagen

Please note: this set-up might affect your desire to ever leave the house and socialise. Please also note: would you really care?  

Pride Rock, Paris

We can understand where the 'Pride' in this home's name came from. We'd be feeling pretty proud of ourselves if we had that book collection too.

Gold Buddha, Los Angeles

This level of colour-coding ticks all of our obsessively meticulous boxes.

Rifugio d'Artista, Milan

Wallpapers and paints are fine, but a bookcase wall is better.

Sand Dunes, Paris

We like the angle(s) they're going for here.

Terrazza Dorata, Rome 

A cool, contemporary setting, and those seating arrangements look pretty comfortable too. Great work.

Glass Library, Paris

Whatever you do, just don't ask for a book from the top shelf.

The Vesuvian, Milan

Forget sleeping under the stars, it's all about sleeping under your books.

Verses & Timber, Paris

You'd definitely need that ladder here... unless you have a pair of stilts.

So, if you haven't decided on your 2020 reading list yet, this was probably the inspiration you needed. To find out about more of our show-stopping homes, follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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