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Things to Do in Charleston, SC

Re-discover that old Southern charm


Houses in Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Wrapped between a pair of rivers and the ocean, this historic municipality makes for a scenic trip down to South Carolina. It’s a place where everything is given people names, from the rivers Cooper and Ashley to the Charles in the city’s name and the Carolina in the state. Resist the urge to continue naming everything, as you peruse the museums and old-world buildings of this historic outpost. You’ll find countless things to do in Charleston, SC. Learn about the Civil War history and the 17th-century inception of the city, before shoving shrimp and grits down your gullet, along with the frogmore stew, oyster roots and other intriguing culinary delights down here. Revel in the hot subtropical climate, before traipsing through the marshlands and sand dunes. Visit the enchanting islands and relax on the sandy beaches, forgetting all your worries before strolling back to your lavish home. Here at Plum Guide, we pride ourselves on providing only the very best for our loyal guests, so heed our expert advice in this guide and you're sure to have a holiday to remember.

Make your way to the beach

Watch the sunrise or sunset from the picturesque Folly Beach in the southern suburbs of the city. Wander out 1,000 feet (300 metres) along the Folly Beach Pier that juts out over the ocean, taking in the spectacular views of the islands and the water. Head southwest down the coast for the scenic Seabrook Island, a private islet offering seclusion and scenery. Amble between the palm trees swaying on the Isle of Palms, and listen to live music on the sandy strands. Kiawah Island and Sullivan’s Islands also make for sandy settings well worthy of your time.

Rockfish, Plum Guide home in Charleston, SC, USA

Rockfish, Plum Guide home in Charleston, SC, USA

Ride a horse and carriage

You could embark on one of the tour buses that zip through the city, taking in the historic sights. But for one of the best things to do in Charleston, SC, hop aboard a carriage drawn by horses or mules. Pick out the highlights of the so-called Holy City, as you trot down the cobbled lanes like royalty. Just watch out for all the hooting cars annoyed at your rather eccentric choice of transport.

Pumped & In Love, Plum Guide home in Charleston, SC, USA

Pumped & In Love, Plum Guide home in Charleston, SC, USA

See the sights with a tour

While a horse-drawn carriage is a little on the extravagant side, you can still explore the city and find things to do in Charleston, SC in the most bipedal of fashions. Take up one of the Charleston History Tours and watch the introductory film at the Visitor Reception and Transportation Center. Appreciate the majestic mansions of The Battery and White Point Gardens, delve into the enigmatic cemeteries, and explore the parks as you soak up the rich culture and history.

Dixie Chic, Plum Guide home in Charleston, SC, USA

Dixie Chic, Plum Guide home in Charleston, SC, USA

Catch up on military history

Charleston played a huge role in the Civil War, and has all sorts of museums and symbols exploring its own history. Watch a full-dress parade at The Citadel military college, and enter Randolph Hall, where Civil War movies are often made. Learn more about the battles at the Fort Moultrie, the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, and the Fort Sumter, the last of which lies on an island and marks the point of the start of the war. Further delve into the history in the Charleston Museum.

In a Sentimental Mood, Plum Guide home in Charleston, SC, USA

In a Sentimental Mood, Plum Guide home in Charleston, SC, USA

Relax with your family in the parks

Leafy green parks feature high on the list of how to spend your time in Charleston, SC. Let your kids frolic in the playground of the James Island County Park or the Brittlebank Park. Sit by the fountain of Allan Park, or relax by the water of the Colonial Lake. Stroll through the floral displays of the Hampton Park, and watch the setting sun turn the sky crimson behind the bridge at the Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park. Lastly, if you have the energy, go for a jog along the Riverfront Park.

Go out for some fine dining

After all that jogging you probably didn’t do, as well as the sightseeing, it’s perhaps time to spoil yourself with a nice meal. The city is packed with fine-dining establishments. Try the steak at the elite Halls Chophouse, or tuck into the seafood - with local delicacies aplenty - at the Revival restaurant. The Circa 1886 Restaurant is another highlight, along with the 82 Queen and the Grill 225 (anything with numbers in it is fine by us).

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