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Trick or Treat: 11 Homes with Spooky Artefacts

If you’re the type that loves Halloween, ghost stories and scary films, then this is the list for you.


With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we'd share this list of spooky objects from homes in our collection to get you into the holiday spirit. From taxidermy animals to antique artefacts and abnormal collections, these objects are seriously creepy.

Neverland, London

We’re not sure that we’d want to have a bath with this antique mannequin torso, but each to their own. 

Earl of Fitzroy, London

We wouldn’t like to stumble across this pair on a midnight trip to the loo. These sirens are pretty eerie, that’s for sure.

Mottisfont Hall, London

Cadged taxidermy birds suspended from the ceiling, anyone? Why not.

Divine Collector, NYC

Divine Collector is crammed with unusual objects, but this antelope skull complete with horns is definitely the creepiest. 

A Doll’s House, Berlin

If you don’t find this shrine-like collection of religious artefacts just a little bit spooky, then you’re far braver than us.

Bird’s Nest, NYC

How do you make a collection of birds’ nests even more disturbing? Throw in an animal skull, of course.

Wonderland, NYC

Wonderland has far too many mysterious artefacts to settle on just one for this list – we bet there are some spooky stories attached to at least some of them. 

The Cheshire Cat, NYC

Everyone knows there’s nothing more frightening than children, and there’s definitely something creepy about this pair set against an apocalyptic landscape. 

Antlerville, Madrid

An excellent example of choosing a theme and running with it, Antlerville’s array of antlers might be a little unnerving for some.

[Still Life, Copenhagen](http://Still Life, Copenhagen)[

](http://Still Life, Copenhagen)Is it just us, or do the eyes in this painting follow you around the room? The white dress and shadowy background make this figure pretty ghostly.

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