We Have This Thing With Beams

First we presented to you our favourite floors, now looking forwards and upwards, we bring you the best beams in the business.


I’m sure many of you will be familiar with the exposed beam. It’s that friend who always turns up effortlessly cool. They’re not polished, but they capture the attention of everyone in the room. They’re charming without trying, stylish without meaning to be, and we all need one in our lives.

Luckily, the homes in the Plum Guide collection are providing all the beam inspiration you may ever need. We have the ones with old wooden charm you can always rely on, ones with an industrial edge and, perhaps the most envy-inducing, the rustic-painted ones that have practically just stepped off a beach.

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Daisy is a Collection Curator at The Plum Guide who has lived in London for two years. You’ll find her at her happiest when exploring new cities, discovering new restaurants, or wearing animal print. 

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