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Montauk coastline, The Hamptons

From Southampton to East Hampton – basically any place that has a compass point and Hampton in the name – The Hamptons sit on the eastern end of Long Island and comprise a smattering of affluent hamlets replete with mansions and estates. It’s a hub of serenity and spectacular scenery, allowing for a quiet retreat for people looking to escape the hubbub of New York City.

It’s historically been a rural retreat for New Yorkers and currently plays host to a number of stars. Neil Patrick Harris, Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin are among the mega celebs who call this region home, and we’ve detailed their address and phone numbers below. Just kidding, although if you hang around Georgia Pond long enough, you might just see Jay Z and Beyoncé on a stroll. If you think you're a bit of a star yourself, we at the Plum Guide have put together this list of where to stay in The Hamptons.


OK, this one doesn’t sound quite as British as the others, but it's still pretty cool. There are lots of things to do in Montauk. Perched way out on the eastern edge of the peninsula lies the tranquil town known by locals as The End. Who else has that song by The Doors ringing in their heads now? My only friend, the end… Stay at an apartment overlooking the ocean and sunbathe on the beach. Join the water sports enthusiasts in this surfers’ haven and belly-flop in front of George Clooney. The Ditch Plains is a beach known for its surfing. Probably best just to sit back and watch the experts… we don’t need any accidents and embarrassments, thank you.

Montauk Beach

Montauk Beach

Explore the hamlet for its various historic treasures, including the Montauk Point Lighthouse. Embark on a trek through the Montauk Point State Park, spotting the marshes and glacial deposits along the way. Grab a drink at the Montauk Brewing Company and get a glimpse of an old-world farm at the Deep Hollow Ranch. Try the seafood at an exclusive restaurant, such as Muse at the End and Scarpetta Beach.


No, this isn’t quite where the Titanic set sail from. It’s actually one of the main towns in the Hamptons. It’s in the south, as its name suggests, and it also skirts the coast – so it's definitely where to stay in The Hamptons if you're a bit of a beach bum. Relax and build up a tan on the Cooper’s Beach, a family-friendly sandy strand patrolled by a lifeguard. Other iconic coastal stretches include the Ponquogue Beach and the Meschutt Beach. Chat to the students about how things were better in ‘my day’ in and around the Stony Brook University’s Southampton campus.

Southampton Harbour, USA

Southampton Harbour, USA

You’ll find the gorgeous Shinnecock Bay in the Hampton Bays hamlet and various historic edifices elsewhere, such as the Old Halsey House in Southampton village. Among the top sights is the First Presbyterian Church, said to be the oldest of its kind in the States. As you admire the gothic design and clock tower of this 17th-century behemoth, ignore the suggestion from your kids that it’s nearly as old as you.

We've got a selection of lovely lodgings in Southampton – one of our favourites is When in Bloom.

When in Bloom, Plum Guide home in The Hamptons, USA

When in Bloom, Plum Guide home in The Hamptons, USA

East Hampton

Logic would dictate that this Hampton is to the east of Southampton, but we couldn’t tell you how its name got carved in twain, with a gap in the middle. One of life's great mysteries. Anyway, make sure you see the Hook Windmill, which is like the Moulin Rouge of the Hamptons – without the salaciousness – and features on various postcards and works of art. You can also learn about the way people used to live in these parts in the adjacent Home Sweet Home Museum. Speaking of home, stay in the tranquil Borne Hampton when you're in town.

Borne Back, Plum Guide home in The Hamptons, USA

Borne Back, Plum Guide home in The Hamptons, USA

East Hampton is also where you’ll find the aforementioned Montauk, as well as its own namesake village of East Hampton. The area has been known as a playground for the rich, so you’ll fit right in, obviously.

Read up on the War of 1812 and the American Civil War to pretend you just naturally somehow know all this stuff. Attend a fancy art show at the Guild Hall and study the Leiber handbags and clutches on show in the Leiber Collection.

Water Mill

Not only is this a thing, but it’s also a hamlet within the boundaries of Southampton town (yes, it’s all a bit complicated in terms of geographical layout and boundaries, but just go with it). It is home to the oldest water mill in the state, so that’s a claim to fame. Enjoy the serenity away from the busier hubs in other parts of the Hamptons. Pick up some cool souvenirs in the Farm Store and check out the incredible mansions in this secluded spot.


In a very American fashion, the name says it all. This is the bridge (or narrow bit of land) between Southampton and East Hampton. Attend the Hampton Classic horse show and schmooze with the affluent punters. Play golf, look for Beyoncé and spy Madonna.

Bridgehampton Beach, USA

Bridgehampton Beach, USA

Now you know where to stay in The Hamptons, why not read up on the best things to do in the Hamptons while you're there?

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