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Work (from Home) Perks

Discover our best homes with desks and offices spaces


The office workplace is a great place. It’s where those all-important meetings, brainstorming sessions and moments of team-working are at their best. That said, home offices are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason too. Working from home provides a change of scenery and rids us of all distractions (no, Karen, we really don’t care about your husband’s cousin’s birthday plans). Oh, and another all-important perk of WFH – you're at ease to pour that seventh coffee of the day without any onlooking judgement. 

In celebration of the home office, we’ve compiled our 11 best homes with wonderful desks and work spaces, guaranteed to inspire and inspirit. Now, time to go and fill up the kettle, we’re out of coffee…

Oh, if only our office desks looked as decluttered as these…

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