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Apartments in Florentin, Tel Aviv

Stay in Florentin, Tel Aviv’s best luxury homes, short term accommodation and apartment hotels

Top 20 Florentin, Tel Aviv vacation rentals & luxury serviced apartments

Florentin is a symbol of south Tel-Aviv and a hipster paradise with an increasingly young and mixed population. During the day, it’s a place of hard work as it’s still an industrial zone, but at night, Florentin transforms into a lively, buzzing scene filled with restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The Florentin way of life is dramatically different to what you see in the rest of the city. It’s a bustling area that’s popular with an artsy crowd that parties in abandoned warehouses and catches-up over falafel or pizza in the streets. Florentin is not close to the beach by Tel-Avivian standards, but for what it lacks in sea breezes, it makes up for in personality.