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As the backdrop for one of the most popular TV-series ever made in Denmark, Christianshavn holds a special place in most Danes’ hearts. Rows of colourful houses line cobbled-stone streets along the canals located on artificial islands – Vor Frelsers Church is another icon of the neighbourhood that can be seen from most spots in the neighbourhood, its tall, unique helix spire with an external staircase hovering over the iconic houses. Also home to a fair share of houseboats, Christianshavn has a lively yet local atmosphere that transpires throughout the neighbourhood. King Christian IV developed the canals in the early 17th century, and it drew on inspiration from Dutch cities with their extensive canal systems. Traditionally a working-class neighbourhood, Christianshavn transformed drastically in the 1970s due to an influx of people with bohemian values that created Freetown Christiania, a partially autonomous commune located in former military barracks. Even though Christianshavn gets a colourful and somewhat seedy reputation from being near to Christiania, most parts are relatively calm and easy-going.