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Arcetri is a quiet area that sits behind the riverside neighbourhoods of Santo Spirito and San Niccolò. Much less dense than the areas directly next to the river, it's a different feel to, but still not far from, the historical centre. The Torre del Gallo, which sits on top of a ridge overlooking Florence, is a highlight – you get some beautiful panoramic views over the red rooftops of the city. The area also features the house of Renaissance scientist Galileo Galilei, a number of historic villas, and the Chiesa di Santa Margherita Church. You’re roughly a half-hour walk away from the Duomo, and this distance is enough to thin out the tourists and up the percentage of locals in the area. This mean's it's better suited to visitors looking for leisurely strolls, rather than quickfire sightseeing, but for longer stays in particular, the area provides a peaceful base away from the chaos of the city.