Small but Perfectly Formed: 11 of the Best City Gardens

These gardens show that you don't need much room to create an inspiring outdoor space.

You've probably already noticed that we're rather keen on house plants here at Plum Guide. Nothing beats a proper garden though. These are some of our favourite smallish city gardens in our collection. For your delectation.

Olives & Cherries, Paris
So granted, strictly speaking this is a terrace rather than a garden, but it's a pretty amazing one, right? So much going on, but in the best way possible.

Banana Leaves, Rome
A banana leaf courtyard, with herons and birds? Yup. We approve.

The Bonnington, London
Set on one of London's best-loved communal garden squares, this home also has a pretty adorable roof terrace all of its own. It's on the small side, but big enough to fit the important things: a breakfast table, bench, and the all-important sun lounger.

Hesperides, Los Angeles
The ultimate in garden shabby chic. Our idea of heaven.

The Animal Kingdom, LondonWe definitely wouldn't say no to breakfast in this most English of English gardens.

Glass Eye, MilanWe always love to see proper indoor furniture outdoors and that's certainly the case in this characterful back yard. We're looking at you, beautiful painted wardrobe.

Alize, LondonPear trees in big sculptural pots, accented with acid yellow table and chairs? This, we like.

Concrete Genius, Tel AvivThough there'll always be a place in our heart for wild gardens, we're also quite partial to a more minimalist look. This one will do very nicely indeed.

Palm Fronds, Milan
Small but excellent giant palm thing going on. Another place we would very happily breakfast.

The Colours of Marrakech, London
We're big fans of seamless indoor/outdoor living and this is a pretty dreamy example of that. 

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