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11 of London’s Cosiest Homes for the Holidays

We’ve got more fireplaces than you can shake a stick at.


Being stuck indoors when it’s wet and cold outside doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially if you’re stuck in a Plum Guide home. Wood burning stoves, impeccable design and mountains of organic wool blankets – winter never looked so appealing. Pass the hot chocolate.

Turing’s Study

That wood burning stove might look small, but trust us, it packs a punch.

Mottisfont Hall

There’s nothing worse than running out of kindling when you’re in desperate need of a roaring fire – luckily Mottisfont Hall has you covered with what looks like a lifetime supply. 

Over the Hedge

The colour scheme of Over the Hedge couldn’t be more holiday appropriate – there’s nothing worse than a home that clashes with the seasonal décor.

Love Saves the Day

Imagine that garden covered in a blanket of snow as you cuddle up indoors by the fire. Side note, although The Plum Guide can guarantee many things with your home, we sadly cannot guarantee snow during your stay.

Gold accents give Patchouli a warm feel, although the working fireplace doesn’t hurt either. 

The Ivory Townhouse

The cold weather is a perfect excuse for curling up with a good book. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding a new read on these shelves – we found at least one we hadn’t read yet.

Blue Eyes

In this instance, being a little on the small side works to Blue Eye’s advantage – cosy in size and design. 

The Jewel of Belgravia

High ceilings might be our weakness, but we have to admit that they don’t always help when it comes to keeping a home warm and cosy – good thing The Jewel of Belgravia has such a generously sized fireplace too.

A Piece of Heaven

Be warned, once sat in this strategically positioned armchair, getting up again will become a challenge and cancelling plans will seem highly tempting.

The Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower makes sure to get full use out of its garden year-round, although you might still want to bring a blanket out with you – it is November after all. 

The Western Perchoir

It’s the end of the list and you thought you’d had enough of fireplaces, then we pulled out this little number. You're welcome.

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