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11 of the Best Eclectic Homes from Around the World

Throw out the rulebook – eclectic design’s in a league of its own.


Often in life, the hardest things to fit into a box are the most extraordinary. Eclectic design is no exception. This disregard for conventions, in the wrong hands, can be nothing short of disastrous. In the right hands, though? Well, there’s nothing quite like it. We’ve put together a list of our favourite eclectic-style homes from around the world for you to swoon over.

Galleria Penthouse, London

What on earth is going on in those artworks? We’re not sure, but they’re definitely unique.

Upside Down, London

We’re as disappointed about the sofas as you are. If you can overlook this blip, Upside Down has plenty to admire – just look at the architecture of the space, adorned with original artwork.

The Golden Frame, Rome

Eclectic style's at its best when the architecture of the home is as distinctive as the furnishings. Elaborate ceiling frescos and stone doorframes? Yes please.

Lofty Ideals, Berlin

When eclectic meets bohemian. Lofty Ideals feels care-free and youthful – we can imagine this home’s owner just by looking at it.

In Full Bloom, Copenhagen

Admittedly, In Full Bloom is teetering on the edge of kitsch. We’re not mad at it though – it’s clearly been put together by someone with a flair for eclectic design.

Magic Tiles, Tel Aviv

A great example of how to incorporate modern touches into eclectic style. The bold architecture of this home is just as important as its furnishings – even the ceiling fan makes a statement.

Rue Jules César Loft, Paris

We had to include Rue Jules César Loft for its wonderfully diverse collection of crockery alone – we’re suckers for coloured glassware.

The Pinegrove, NYC

Wonderfully eclectic, if a little shabby, The Pinegrove is filled with artworks, objects and furniture from around the world.

Reader’s Retreat, Paris

We’re not impressed by the unsightly ceiling damp. Everything else, though? We approve. A library of books, original artwork and mismatched furniture? Tick, tick and tick.

Neverland, London

Attention to detail is key here. The elaborate flooring, rustic walls, antique furniture and eclectic lighting seem effortlessly put together (although, probably far from it).

Technicolour Voyage, Copenhagen

Technicolour Voyage pulls out all the stops. It could’ve gone oh so wrong, but it's proof that risks do pay off.

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