11 of the Best Rustic-Style Homes from Around the world

Mismatched furniture, old brass taps, wooden beams, exposed stone walls and original flooring – it doesn’t get much more charming than this.

We’re suckers for an old rustic farmhouse – the kind that’s a little worn around the edges. Sometimes you just can’t beat a lived-in home that’s filled with character. That’s why we’ve made this list of our favourite rustic-style homes from our collection. 

Rustic Marais, Paris

Is this the perfect reading corner? We think so. French charm at its best.

The Cobblestone, NYC

In another instance, this home might feel a little sparse. Here, though, the pared back furnishings let the original architecture shine.

The Chapel, Milan

Ok, so some of the furniture’s a little tired, but The Chapel’s barn-like ceiling enhances its shabby chic vibe.

Chartreuse, Paris

So French. So rustic. We’re big fans of this cosy country-style number.

Fay Garden, Lisbon

Fay Garden makes the most of quality natural materials – the solid farmhouse table is a real highlight.

Antlerville, Madrid

Definitely a unique take on the rustic style, but Antlerville makes it work.

Warp & Weft, Rome

Brass taps, carved stone sink, exposed ceiling beams and sturdy, well-loved furniture? Yes please. Warp & Weft ticks plenty of boxes.

Soapbox, Madrid

So, we’re willing to overlook the ugly sofas in this country home because everything else is so well put together. Just look at those gorgeous wooden beams, antique mirror and display cabinets.

Hesperides, LA

A more eclectic take on the rustic style, Hesperides has plenty of character. We love the mismatched collection of furniture.

The Gallerist, Paris

What’s not to love about The Gallerist? We can’t get enough of the quality antique furniture and original wooden ceiling beams.

A Secret Garden, Paris

The ultimate in rustic farmhouse living? Perhaps. A Secret Garden feels like a well-loved family home.

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