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11 of the Best Minimalist Homes from Around the World

Because an uncluttered home makes for an uncluttered mind.


If Marie Kondo taught us anything, it's that less is more. We believe that great design doesn't have to be attention grabbing. In fact, some of the best homes in our collection are all about simplicity, effortless style and quality over quantity. If you're a bit of a purist, then this list of the cream of the crop of minimalist homes will be right up your street. You're welcome.

Who says period homes can't do minimalism too? The dark wooden floors, sash windows and gorgeous high-ceilings are decoration enough. No need to fill it with any unnecessary clutter.

We always love an architectural statement. Is this sculptural concrete wall the height of cool? We think so.

In the wrong hands, this look might be tricky to pull off. But in this home, the mix of the original vaulted ceiling, historic floor tiles and cement surfaces is just dreamy.

Ceilings don't often hold their own quite like this one and the paired-back design really lets it shine.

Minimalism can be cosy too. This stylish little stove adds some warmth to a style that can sometimes feel a bit austere.

The ultimate in sophisticated outdoor living. The bamboo wall is right up our street, and who doesn't love an outdoor fireplace? 

You can't really go wrong with wooden bar stools, dark marble countertops and design-led pendant lights. The quality of materials - so key in minimalist interiors - is plain to see.

Concrete ceiling, check. Towering sculptural plant, check. Seamless wooden flooring, check. This home has plenty to make our minimalist hearts flutter.

A polished cement floor, paired with the bold lines of the steel-rimmed doors and quality wooden furniture? Yes please. Industrial meets minimalism? We definitely approve.

This home is the ultimate in cosy minimalism. The combination of the sash windows, gorgeous ceiling beams, serene white colour scheme and natural materials a wonderfully calming space.

Minimalism with a view? Why not. Who needs fussy wall decorations when you can stare out to sea?

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