These 12 Homes Are Filled With Plants

If you like to overdo it a bit on the green front, then check out these homes.

Here at the Plum Guide, we're big house-plant fans. Our office is absolutely FILLED with them. We're not talking about just the odd Yucca on the windowsill. We like to overdo it a bit on the green front. If you're the same, then check out these homes, which we're pretty sure you're going to love. Plant lovers unite! 

NovellaThis fab apartment scores highly in so many categories, but our favourites have to be the pops of bright colour, the awesome library of books, and the plentiful house plants. This home was an easy Plum pass, we'll tell you that much.

Lofty IdealsThis wooden-floored Berlin loft has charm aplenty, and the plant-life is a big part of that. Like many of the homes on this list, this apartment has embraced the trees and plants for their sculptural qualities in addition to their oxygen-giving ones. It might not be the most luxurious home on our books, but it gets an A* in the greenery stakes.

Colours of the SpiritWith huge windows, and a laid-back vibe, this loft-style apartment has a lovely, homely feel. It's also got some pretty unruly yuccas on the windowsill - these guys are certainly being given the space to express themselves, and we'll admit it, we like it.

The TalismanHow to embrace the lofty qualities of a fabulous high-ceilinged living room? With a pair of huge indoor trees, of course. The only thing we like more than house-plants? House-trees!

PlantasiaThey're in pots, they're in jamjars, they're in baskets hanging from the rafters. Yup, the plants are definitely the main attraction here in this hip Williamsburg apartment. Great wooden floors too. Lots to love here.

The Green MarketWe love this cosy, little nest up in the eaves of the building, with its old wood beams and stylish details throughout. Great plants both inside the home and out on the cute terrace. The park view is pretty green too. Probably not the right home for vertiginous types though!

Green DreamsWe didn't call this home 'Green Dreams' for nothing! Plants in the artwork, plants in pots, and plant ceilings too. Yup, we approve.

Siesta ServiceOkay, so everyone knows that Danes love their houseplants, so we had quite a few green homes to choose from in Copenhagen. This might not be the most OTT house-plant presentation we've ever seen, but we just love this cute and cosy apartment and how the plants complement the art collection and natural materials throughout.

The Living LoftThe design scheme for this super-cool Brooklyn loft was pretty simple. Everything white, except for the plants. And there are quite a few plants. Of every size and shape. Top marks for leaf variety here!

Now You're TalkingThis home is understated but super-stylish. Everything from the original artworks to the beautiful copper cooking pans has been carefully chosen, and the same goes for their plentiful house-plants, which help make their calm, Scandi-style home feel fresh and look good.

Cozy TownThis might not be the most spacious or luxurious home on our books, but it's brimming with character, and has been lovingly-crafted by its owners. We love how the house plants nestle amidst all the wall treasures, be they driftwood, artwork, pots and pans, or records!

The Fig LeafThis minimalist-style apartment in Chelsea has used its fig trees and cacti sculpturally, as art objects of sorts. The position of each one has been carefully considered, with plenty of white space around them, to perfectly showcase their beautiful forms.

Foresta VerdeLots of books, lots of original oil paintings, and lots of house plants. Where do we sign?

ElysianGorgeous high ceilings, a hammock in the living room, beautiful arched windows, and some awesome furniture and art. And, most importantly, trees on wheels. This super cool, plant-filled pad is one for the design nuts amongst you. It's immaculate. Not a hair (or a leaf) out of place.

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