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13 Affordable Homes To Book For Valentine's Day

Last year you were a disappointment. This year, whisk your significant other away with a city break in one of these affordable homes.


Valentine's Day is a tricky time of year for us all, singletons and happily married couples included. Do you go over the top and risk being branded too needy? Keep it casual and get the cold shoulder? Send a comedic email with giphs and emojis, thinking your partner doesn’t need the reassurance of a card and flowers, only to return home to a packed suitcase and a microwave meal. All in all, it’s a stressful time.

One sure fire way to ensure none of the above happens this year, is by booking a city break for two. It’s something you can both enjoy, without the need for the £50 giant teddy bear and heart-shaped confectionery. Read on for our list of affordable, beautiful homes, all under £100 per person per night. 

1. House of Hemp

For modern romanticism at its finest, House of Hemp will not let you down. The kitchen is immaculate, perfect for rustling up breakfast in bed. And when you have just about run out of conversation, there’s a TV in the bedroom. 

From £95 per person per night

2. Montmartre Rooftop

Please can we go to Paris for Valentines Day? Words you never want to hear as you imagine your hard-earned savings fleeting away on escargot, caviar and a private photographer for shots in front of the Eiffel Tower. Overlooking the rooftops of Montmartre and with an impressive view of the Sacré Coeur, this home will take all your stress away, as hopefully, you’ll never have to leave.

From £59 per person per night

3. Jitterbug

Admittedly, LA for an affordable Valentines trip may not be the most realistic proposition. However, Jitterbug can give you a taste of the La La Land lifestyle, without having to break the bank. Post a candid shot of your loved one in that hammock and you’ll be in their good books for sure.  

From £99 per person per night

4. Rosebery Gemstone

With organisation levels sure to make Marie and Monica proud (Kondo and Geller respectively) this home will make sure your neat-freak partner is grinning from ear to ear. Just don’t tell them about the locked cupboard in the basement. 

From £86 per person per night

5. Trestle Nest

Aptly named Trestle Nest, this charming loft champions exposed brick and rustic wood over flashy finishes and velour textures. For those inclined to the former (no judging here, of course) it’s the perfect city bolthole. 

From £100 per person per night

6. Eye Candy

Those with Gemini partners will be pleased to see Eye Candy on this list. It’s combined a whole mix of design styles, ranging from bohemian to modern, so it’s perfect for those who can’t make up their minds. And, if their incessant decision making becomes too much, you can always retreat to the rooftop cabana.

From £99 per person per night

7. Blumen

This Kreuzberg home is Blumen-lovely. There’s no kitchen, but it makes for an ideal excuse to hunt down all the beer and currywurst your heart can handle. 2020’s answer to the anti-Valentines date.

From £50 per person per night

8. The Gaston

We can’t lie, if we were going to stay in one home this month, it would be this one. With bundles of character, a spiral staircase and cosy loft bedroom with a sloped ceiling, you can just imagine the candle-lit opportunities. Bliss. 

From £84 per person per night

9. Linguistics

Ok, the neon green sofa in the living space (unashamedly not pictured) does not scream romance. But, this little balcony was enough to win us over. Enjoy an Italian aperitif while watching the sun go down over the terracotta rooftops.

From £38 per person per night

10. Pixelbird

Who said Paris for the weekend needed to be spent in a small apartment? Granted, you won’t have the chic city streets on your doorstep, but when you have a private leafy terrace of your own, it's a sacrifice we’re willing to make.    

From £58 per person per night

11. Summer Solstice

You really can’t go wrong with booking a trip to Summer Solstice. Well, you can go wrong, but the home certainly can’t. Bright and playful and located in Notting Hill, you can thank us later. 

From £80 per person per night

12. The Emerald Scallop

Taking your other half on a romantic trip to Copenhagen can finally become a reality. The home comes with views over a communal garden and plenty of opportunities for social media envy (cue the emerald green sink).

From £73 per person per night

13. In The Valley

Surprised to see this home on the affordable list? Us too! Inside, the home is minimalism at its finest, but really it’s the terrace that does all the talking. With views down to the River Tagus, it’s an idyllic spot to enjoy a glass of champagne (read: prosecco).

From £73 per person per night

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