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15 Most Expensive Homes from Around the World, Sorted by Price

Money isn’t everything, but we all deserve to be spoilt once in a while.


Sometimes cutting costs isn’t worth it. Remember the dodgy haircut you got from that budget hairdressers? It's just a trim, you said, before walking home with a fringe at least an inch above your eyebrows. You get what you pay for in life. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of some of the priciest homes in our collection, ranked from least to most expensive.

You’ve seen marble floors, you’ve seen marble countertops, but have you ever seen a marble feature wall?

From £816 per night

This pool is a work of art in itself – you don’t even have to get your feet wet to enjoy it.

From £817 per night

We wouldn’t dare leave a stool out of place, let alone a dirty plate in the sink, in this immaculate home.

From £1041 per night

Unless you’re an exhibitionist, Gold Standard might feel a bit exposed with all those windows. We say throw caution to the wind.

From £1158 per night

There isn’t much we appreciate more in life than a spotless pool – not a rogue leaf in sight.

From £1465 per night

Any home with its own bar gets a tick in our books.

From £2027 per night

Imagine trying to open and close those curtains every day – let’s hope they’re motorised.

From £2298 per night

We dare anyone to drink a glass of red wine on that sofa – a feat only for the bravest amongst us.

From £2677 per night

We wouldn’t say no to an indulgent soak in that bathtub – pass the candles and a Sally Rooney book, please.

From £2785 per night

This list wouldn’t be complete without an exposed concrete ceiling, now would it?

From £3419 per night

Good luck ever getting the kitchen that pristine again, after using it for actually preparing food.

From £4070 per night

We can all agree that The Magnificent is a bit of a show-off – It even has a view of the Hollywood Sign. But then again, we’re not complaining.

From £4752 per night

This home has its own beach, and we’re not sure if anything can top that really.

From £5157 per night

A rooftop terrace with a fireplace – The Ivory Tower takes seamless indoor/outdoor living to the next level.

As the most expensive on the list, this home has been designed with quality in mind. From the marble countertops to original artworks, each element has been carefully selected.

From £7351 per night

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