Absolutely Fabulous: 11 Flamboyant Homes From Around the World

The ultimate antidote to neutrals.

These homes encompass all sorts of different interiors styles, but what they share is a good dollop of of the outlandish, the flamboyant, and the bold. Whatever word you use, these are homes that know how to have fun and don't take themselves too seriously.

Cupid's Bow, London

Pink leather, neon lights, 'tunnel of love' sign: yup, Cupid's Bow gets flamboyant points aplenty.

The ultimate in pared-down, rustic minimalism. Until you spot the chair. And is that a giant red tennis ball too? This home's got panache, that's for sure.

The Golden Frame

Coffered ceilings, palatial proportions, velvet furniture and mickey mouse artwork. This bold home isn't afraid to mix old and new.

Las Cornisas is a sophisticated home with heaps of personality. We love the moody wall colours and gold accents throughout. It's the perfect mix of old-school elegance and gutsy glamour.

Technicolour VoyageElectric blue wall here, and a black and white stripy wall there. Oh and how about an orange sofa and a rainbow neon? It shouldn't work but somehow it just does.

ParakeetThis home has a distinctly theatrical feel. And we like it.

Artist's BlockThere's no denying that this home has got some pretty fabulous feature walls, none more so than the one in the living room. Kaboom.

Galerie des GlacesLeopard print, lacquer, and marble? Yes. Fabulous? Most definitely.

The Cheshire CatWant a home with a mysterious sculpture of a woman in knee-high gold boots disappearing up a mint green staircase? Funny you should ask...

Taj CinemaMinimalists should cover their eyes immediately. For everyone else, please enjoy.

Portrait of an Artist
Do you like your table and chair legs to be animal hooves? And do you have a thing for huge furry egg armchairs? Us too. 

Want wallpaper inspiration? Come this way!

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