Why An Artist's Studio Should Be Your Next Homestay

Embrace your creative side in these art-filled homes

Looking for a little bit of culture on your next city break? Forget a visit to an artist’s studio, you can actually stay in one instead. 

WinsomeIt’s always good when the host’s personality shines through in a home (especially when they’re the Assistant Director of a rather prestigious art gallery in Copenhagen).

Portrait of an Artist If you’re not up for queuing to get into the MoMA, just take a seat in the living room of this home for ten minutes or so. That should do the trick.

IllustrationsHome and artist’s studio to its illustrator owner, you’ll be sleeping in a setting far more imaginative than your dreams here.

Inner SanctuaryThere’s so much art in this home, there isn’t even enough room to hang it all. (If they need anyone to take it off their hands, we’ve got some space in our hallway…)

Phenomenology The owner of this home owns a photography agency, which would explain why there's so much of it hanging on the walls... 

Sculpture CultureIf you’re really looking to explore your creative side when you’re on holiday, this might be just what you’re looking for. It was good enough for an artist in residence, after all.

Modern ArtThis home's host is so good to her guests, she even paints in her spare time to provide the decoration.

Foresta VerdePrepare to double up on the creativity in this space, owned by an artist and an illustrator. You’ll find their works dotted around the space... and plenty of foliage too. 

Technicolour VoyageThe host of this space also happens to manage one of Copenhagen’s finest contemporary art galleries, meaning you’ll be staying in an incredibly well-curated abode indeed. 

Lykke The host of Lykke is a documentary filmmaker, as well as being an owner of a framing company. So, we were pleased to find nothing but immaculately framed prints around the home... not a single tilted angle in sight.

And if that wasn’t enough for you fussy things, scroll down for a few more of our art-focused homes…


Set Square

Sailor’s Solace

Self Portrait

Soho Playground

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