Holiday Let Cleaning: A Comprehensive Guide for Hosts

Get your home sparkling


A close up view of cleaning products in a small basket on a kitchen counter

The promise of a clean home is arguably the most important in the mind of a guest, so make sure your property meets their standards. Maintaining a clean vacation rental is essential in providing an enjoyable customer experience, giving your guest every chance to enjoy their stay as much as possible. There are a number of things to consider when going through your holiday let cleaning process, so it could be easy to miss a spot - but that’s where we come in. Here at Plum Guide, we know all there is to know about being the dream host, and have curated this quick guide to pass on our knowledge to you. Never again will you have to apologise for a dusty shelf, or an unkempt kitchen - read on to discover our expert advice on all things cleaning.

Print off your own version of our Plum Guide cleaning checklist, and ensure you never miss a spot.

Work your way through the rooms


A close up view of someone cleaning a sparkling bathtub with a sponge

A close up view of someone cleaning a sparkling bathtub with a sponge

Maintain a clean shower - Who wants to shower in a dirty space? Not us, not you, and not your guests. Clear the drain, wipe the walls, watch out for limescale, and do so regularly.

Make the bath truly relaxing - This needs to be sparkling - how else is your guest going to relax fully? Give it a regular clean, and don’t neglect the curtain (if there is one).

Scrub the sink - It’s much harder to clean a dirty sink, than it is to simply maintain a clean one. Rinse away any stubborn marks, and keep the basin sparkling.

Keep on top of the toilet - We all know how important a regular toilet clean is - especially with guests coming to stay. If it’s not spotless, it’s not clean enough.

Maintain the mirrors - Wipe down the mirrors to remove all marks, and dust the surface regularly.


A person straightening out the clean bed sheets in their bedroom

A person straightening out the clean bed sheets in their bedroom

Make sure the beds are perfect - The beds are arguably the most important spot in the house, so get them right. Clean the frame, check the slats, and clear the storage space underneath. Don’t cluster the bedroom - it’s supposed to be peaceful.

Be thorough with the bedding - An intimate feature of the house, the bedding needs to be cleaned very thoroughly. Provide the guests with your best bedding, numerous pillows, and any blankets - use a fresh detergent for the ultimate scents, too.

Clear out the cupboards and drawers - Allow the guests to fully utilise the space, especially if their stay is for an extended period of time. They need to feel right at home, so clean the cupboards and drawers - you don’t want them having to live out of their suitcase.

Dust down the bedside tables - A dirty bedside table doesn’t scream luxury to us, so make sure guests have a tidy space for books, jewellery, gadgets, and whatever else they may bring along.

Organise your shelves - Any shelves need to be dusted thoroughly, and organised neatly to reflect the home’s quality. Leave some shelf space spare too, so guests can utilise it if they wish.


A close up view of someone wearing rubber gloves cleaning a kitchen worktop

A close up view of someone wearing rubber gloves cleaning a kitchen worktop

Wipe down the worktops - Ensure all wrappers, cartons, bottles and the like are cleared before the guest arrives, and wipe away any crumbs and dust to give your worktops that shine.

Deep clean the oven - It’s easy for an oven to become overrun with grease and burnt food, so a deep clean is essential - definitely one to bear in mind as you go through your holiday let cleaning.

Scrub the microwave - Any space for food needs to be scrubbed comprehensively, for a guest’s peace of mind as well as the obvious hygiene reasons. A clean microwave says a lot about a kitchen.

Clean the toaster - Unsurprisingly, the crumbs can quickly pile up at the bottom of a toaster, so never forget to pull out the tray and give your guests a fresh start.

Inspect the fridge and freezer - Ideally, you should give the fridge a thorough clean every few months - remove the shelves and clean them with warm, soapy water. With your freezer, it’s important to keep an eye on ice build-up, and defrost it at least once a year.

Empty the bins - If you allow the rubbish to stick around, a smell can develop and linger. Empty the bins regularly, and clean them thoroughly before each new guest arrives.

Rinse the cutlery and crockery - These should look as good as new, every single time.

Mop the floors - This is a tip for the whole house, but get those floors looking pristine to really give your home the wow-factor.

Get the kettle sparkling - Kettles are notorious for building up limescale, so make sure you remove any before guests come to stay. A good rinse is recommended every four to eight weeks.

Be studious with the washing machine - This should be cleaned every month or so, to stop any build up of grime or mould. Cleaning this regularly also ensures that any lingering odours will be prevented.

Living room

A person hoovering underneath a rug on the living room floor in their home

A person hoovering underneath a rug on the living room floor in their home

Keep an eye on the TV - Be careful with the cleaning products here, but the dust can easily stack up - prevent this with regular checks.

Get in the cracks of the sofa - If you can, take the cushions off to catch any stray bits. A quick hoover of the sofa, and any cushions, should do the trick.

Run the vacuum over your carpets - Speaking of the hoover, the carpets definitely need it - especially if pets are in the house regularly. You can even introduce a cleaning powder and water to give your carpets a deep clean.

Love your lamps - A microfibre cloth will be gentle on the softer lampshades, and remove any dust or marks that have built up.

Clean the coffee table - Wipe away any stains, and don’t allow the dust to stack up. People may use this as their dining table, so be meticulous.

Get stuck into the fireplace - If you have an authentic fireplace, a deep clean is crucial after use. Scrub the walls with help from a cleaning solution, to keep the space looking as good as new. See, this holiday let cleaning checklist really does cover all bases.

Wipe down the window sills - This is a prime spot for dust, cobwebs, flies, and general clutter, so be sure to wipe away any unwanted mess.

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