A Real Royal Winner

The Guardian Lions gets its moment of glory

There are some people born to be winners, and in the same vein, there are some homes built to be. The Guardian Lions is a fine example of such a home. From first glance of its striking façade to final farewell, our Home Critics had a very good feeling about this place. And as you all know, they tend to be right about these things…

The Neoclassical Façade       

The Neoclassical architecture of this very traditional French hôtel particulier, nestled in the discreet but delightful Passy area of Paris, is an immediate show of the opulence and grandeur within. The construction looks more befitting of a museum than somewhere you can actually stay. But, guess what? You can. 

The Bright Conservatory This bright, wrought-iron conservatory was a real crowd-pleaser amongst our Home Critics. Imagine yourself sat back with you favourite book, basking in the natural light, and you’d probably be rather pleased with it too. 

The Majestic Design From the ornate staircase to the rich colours in all six uniquely designed bedrooms, there's a sense of majesty throughout. We particularly enjoyed the consistency of golden furnishings in each room – the perfect hue for such a home. 

The Dining Room Fit for a King Continuing with the royal theme, let’s take a look at the dining room which really is fit for a king. Please note, you will have to cook and wash up for yourselves should you host any lavish dinner parties. (But luckily there’s a spacious kitchen for you to do that too.)

From last week's former coal crane in Copenhagen to this, we wouldn't like to hedge any bets on what our Home Critics will choose as the next winner. 

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