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Yes, This Really is Our Home of the Week

A crane over Copenhagen takes the crown


We must admit that there was a little confusion and one big moment of panic during this Home of the Week selection. When poring over the candidates, a few of our Home Critics thought there had been some awful mix up between our shortlist and the shortlist of a Danish construction company. But mark our words, no mistakes were made here. This week’s winner is actually a crane elevated over Nordhavn harbour. 

Take a closer look at how The Old Coal Crane gained its title below.  

The (incredibly) Unique Location

Now, you might’ve stayed in a converted farmhouse before (groundbreaking), but we would put a hefty bet on you having never stayed in a converted crane. Right? (We always are). This heavy-lifting-machine-come-home has just completely redefined the meaning of ‘unique place to stay’… and we’re rather excited about it.

The Bird’s-Eye View

Thanks to its elevated standpoint, guests can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Nordhavn harbour from all corners of The Old Coal Crane. Really, no matter which of the home’s three levels, or which of its two terraces, there are impressive vistas all around. In other great news, you won’t need to pack your binoculars, there’s already a pair there waiting for you. Talk about the icing on the cake…

The Bikes for Exploring

Our Home Critics really appreciated the added touch of two complimentary bikes that guests can enjoy during their stay. Copenhagen is globally recognised as a city of cyclists, meaning you’ll have just what you need to fit right in and feel like a local at once. 

The Sauna Set-up

After a long day of cycling around the city, you’re probably going to need some sort of wind down. A jolly good job, then, that you’ll have not one, but two bathtubs and a sauna awaiting your return. You could even forget the cycling and spend the whole day in the sauna should you wish. Our Home Critics tested that option out for you and, yes, it’s incredibly enjoyable.

It was a former dairy last week, it's a converted crane this week… who knows what our next Home of the Week might be?

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