Escape The Cold With Us: 15 Homes Where You Can Swap Winter For Some Sunshine

Looking to not freeze your tail off this winter? We’ve got you covered.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Christmas (especially one with a thick layer of snow, plenty of festive music, and lots of good food) – but all of the freezing rain, drab sleet and cold temperatures that come with winter? No thanks. That’s why we’ve put together a list of fifteen formidable places to hibernate until spring comes around. You’re welcome. 

The Olive Tree Viewpoint, Tel AvivThe Olive Tree Viewpoint actually isn’t that big, but isn’t the whole point of travelling to distant skies in the colder months to spend as much time outside as possible? 

Kick-Off, Los AngelesTime just goes a bit slower when you’re at Kick-Off. Tucked away in the Hollywood Hills, it offers stunning views and a masterpiece of a swimming pool. 

Concrete Heritage, Tel AvivConcrete Heritage is without a doubt one of our coolest homes in Tel Aviv. Stay here if you want to holiday like international jet setters.

Surfin’ Safari, Tel AvivThe surfboards are purely ornamental, but we’re still feeling the vibes. Edgy and characterful, Surfin’ Safari is for people who want to delve into the artier side of Tel Aviv.

Views from Above, Los AngelesWe’re struggling with this one… We can’t decide whether the view is more beautiful from the terrace or the bathtub…

Beauty and the Beach, Los AngelesAnother Malibu retreat, Beauty and the Beach is an experience in itself. Guests have access to a private beach, need we say more?

Bauhaus Chronicle, Tel AvivBauhaus Chronicle is very special. Not only is it set in a typical Bauhaus building, but it also has a wonderful, green garden in the heart of Tel Aviv. The beach isn’t too far away either…

Rolling in the Dip, Tel AvivRooftop, pool, terraces, city views, now that’s the stuff! This home has four bedrooms, so you can bring the whole family (or at least just the family members you like). 

Peace of Mind, Los AngelesTranquil like no other home, Peace of Mind offers up one of the cosiest outdoor spots we’ve seen. Just imagine the kind of memories you can make under the open sky.

On the Sea, Tel AvivSea, sun, and fun, what’s not to love? We don’t beat around the bush at the Plum Guide, On the Sea is actually on the sea. You’ll be feeling the fresh breeze as soon as you open a window.

California’ Dreamin, Los AngelesWhen all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, we dream of this extraordinary oceanfront home in Malibu. Fasten your seatbelts, you’re in for a holiday you’ll never want to leave. 

Paragon, Tel AvivParagon is one of those homes that will forever appear effortless. Literally two minutes away from the beach and with an outdoor shower for cooling down, it sets the scene for our kind of holiday.

Cue Ball, Los AngelesCue Ball is exactly what comes to mind when we think of Malibu. Offering the kind of glamorous seclusion that you can only find in Southern California, we wouldn’t have to think twice about booking this home for our holidays. 

Olympic Games, Los AngelesNot only does Olympic Games boast five bedrooms, but it also comes with a range of entertainment options. We know it’s tempting to stay indoors, but there’s also a huge swimming pool and giant chessboard with views of the Santa Monica Mountains waiting to be taken advantage of.

Late Night Dinner, Tel AvivWith a terrace that’s perfect for late night dinners, Late Night Dinner is exactly what it says it is. Fingers crossed for beautiful sunsets every day!

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