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5 Stunning Homes Where You Can Tie The Knot

Get hitched in one of these Plum Guide homes


Bride holding bouquet of flowers in wedding dress

Some say that the wedding is pretty important. It sets the tone for what’s to come. Others say it’s all downhill from here, at least once the honeymoon is out of the way. But even if that is the case, surely, you’re better off starting from the highest point possible. And that’s where our luxurious and upmarket homes come into play. We here at Plum Guide have picked out some of our brightest beauties around the world, so you don’t have to do the work yourself (that's true love) for your big day. These huge mansions are packed to the brim with bedrooms, so that your friends and family can stay on site in the days before and after the big day. We’ll take you from rural Britain through to the Joshua Tree National Park in California on a quest to find the perfect home that’ll forever serve as the first step to the rest of your happy lives. Here are 5 stunning homes where you can tie the knot.

Celebrate the day at Buck’s Fizz

Collection of photos of Buck's Fizz, Plum Guide home in England, UK

Buck's Fizz, Plum Guide home in England, UK

The name itself evokes images of celebration and happiness, since the mimosa-like Buck’s fizz cocktail is so popular on these occasions. Arrive at this stately home to be greeted by its majestic redbrick façade and gothic overhanging pediment. Inside, it’s just as elegant, a long dining table stretched out beneath chandeliers making for the perfect setting for a wedding. The kitchen is delightful, with its checked floor pattern and pretty plant pots. Curl up by the fire as evening falls, and serve up a barbecue on one of the fire grills in the large garden. The guests at your wedding (should you decide to invite any) will love getting absolutely smashed with cocktails and too much food in the garden all day.

Get married at The Mirrored House

Collection of photos of The Mirrored House, Plum Guide home in Joshua Tree, USA

The Mirrored House, Plum Guide home in Joshua Tree, USA

Next on our list of 5 stunning homes where you can tie the knot is one of our top award-winning homes, The Mirrored House. Hidden by its glassy exterior in the heart of the Joshua Tree National Park, it is among the most unusual and original designs you’re ever likely to come across. Perfect, then, for an idiosyncratic couple that want something a little different from the usual fare. Inside, you’ll find a long rectangular pool, with fantastic views of the desert plains from all angles. Plan some hikes from the comfort of the pool, before heading out along the trails of this arid desert. Arrive back at your home and see the sunset turn the rocks golden in the reflection of its mirrored façade. You and your bride or groom will see yourselves, smiling (we hope) in the reflection.

Begin your next chapter at A Barn to Remember

Collection of photos of A Barn To Remember, Plum Guide home in Essex, UK

A Barn To Remember, Plum Guide home in Essex, UK

Hopefully, the barn won’t be the only thing to remember from your momentous stay and the unforgettable wedding day. But, its beauty means that it will likely stay emblazoned on your mind for as long as you’re married. Think about it, even if you do get divorced (we’re just saying), you’ll still remember this barn. It has a black wooden façade with a tall gabled roof, and is surrounded by Essex’s sprawling country meadows. Wander around the vast barn, appreciating its exposed redbrick walls, before playing a few board games in the large rooms. Embark on a trek through the countryside, and stop in at Colchester, the oldest recorded town in Britain.

Tie the knot at Golden Knights

Collection of Photos of Golden Knights, Plum Guide home in England, UK

Golden Knights, Plum Guide home in England, UK

The picture of a British summer mansion, the honey-coloured frontage of the Golden Knights in the Cotswolds is perfect for weddings, but is only suitable for ceremonies with up to 32 guests. Embark on a trek up and down the rolling green hills, passing the hedgerows and country pubs that typify the area, before exploring the palaces and quaint cobbled villages. Back at the home, celebrate tying the knot by swimming laps with your friends in the outdoor pool or unwinding in the hot tub. Walk along the edge of the long, rectangular pond, as dragon flies dance with the lily pads. Then, relax in the garden chairs with views of the countryside. Inside the mansion, get comfy on the antique furniture and inspect the priceless pieces throughout.

Prove your love at Lords & Ladies

Collection of photos of Lords & Ladies, Plum Guide home in England, UK

Lords & Ladies, Plum Guide home in England, UK

Last but certainly not least in our list of 5 stunning homes where you can tie the knot is the Lords & Ladies. Get married here, and your marriage can always be linked in some way to royalty and utter luxury. Inside, you’ll find all sorts of antiques and relics, from a Steinway piano to stuffed animal displays. Go for a walk around the beautiful countryside and have a chat with the Exmoor ponies, cattle and black pigs.

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