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Is this the most sought after home in LA?

Tucked away in the Santa Monica Mountains and with panoramic vistas, The Glamper mixes contemporary California cool and mid-century modern with a healthy portion of casual glamour for the ultimate manifestation of LA.


There’s something so intrinsically Southern Californian about The Glamper. We can’t quite put a finger on what it is exactly though. It could be the way it encourages a union with nature, its cinematic quality and visuality, or that it embodies the Californian sunshine and the laidback LA lifestyle in a way that’s so magical. All we know is that it’s the most viewed home in our Los Angeles collection, and it continues to draw a lot of attention.

We’re not the only ones who think that this home is an architectural masterpiece. The Glamper won an AIA|LA Design Award in 2017, an honour that’s only given to the crème de la crème of Southern California’s best designs. It’s also featured in Jungle’s 2018 music video, fittingly named ‘House in LA’. Band members are seen taking advantage of all the home’s features – deep-diving into the infinity pool, lounging in the classic design furniture, basking in the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, and even dancing on top of the flat roof (we don’t advise anyone to do this – it makes for a breathtaking shot, though). 

Set against Jungle’s glossy, electronic funk with a cinematic treatment to it, The Glamper’s Southern California-ness comes to the forefront. It epitomises the film-like dreamscape mixed with that golden sunlight glow and glistening ocean views that we often associate with this part of the world. The Plum Guide gives you the opportunity to experience it for yourself – and not just on the silver screen or in a music video.

It’s located in a rural part of the Santa Monica Mountains, just fifteen-minutes west of Topanga State Park and off Highway 1. You have to traverse narrow and windy, steadily inclining roads lined by a rugged mountainside terrain to get to the home. And all of a sudden, The Glamper appears out of nowhere, unexpectedly embedded in nature, and exceeding every possible expectation. A wonderful getaway from LA’s headachingly bad traffic (but still close enough for you to take advantage of the city), it’s especially perfect for those who prefer a bit of peace and quiet – and a good dose of seclusion.
What makes The Glamper so unique is the way it seamlessly bridges the gap between the inside and the outside. Inspired by and integrated into the surrounding landscape, the L-shaped home motivates you to be one with nature in more than one way. Enclaved by the coastal mountain range, there are several hiking trails nearby if you long for even more solitude in nature and unparalleled scenery. We think the views are pretty spectacular from The Glamper as well, with three-sixty vistas, sculptural rock formations aplenty, and lots of opportunities for ocean gazing. On a clear day, you can even see Catalina Island, too.
Glass and wood are the two most prominent materials used in the structure. The glass fronts and floor-to-ceiling windows let the sunlight in, and allow for you to make the most of the breathtaking Californian sunsets, where pastel colours dance across the sky in dramatic harmony until they disappear in the Pacific.
All of the materials, silhouettes and furniture match the hues of the mountain topography, balancing Southern California’s architectural past and styles, while also positioning it in the twenty-first century. It holds a fair share of design classics by Jean Prouve, Hans J. Wegner and Jasper Morisson (among others), so everything is designed for carrying out rituals of daily life, in style. We also love the small details, the Arne Jacobsen Vola faucet in the kitchen and how many of the walls are lined with wood panels, a homage to California Modern (the Californian variation of mid-century modern).
Seemingly one of those homes that always manages to surpass expectations (in real life and in music videos), it’s a stand-out home in our Los Angeles collection. Designed for people who love architecture, but also people who crave closeness to nature, and guests who want a slice of the California dream in momentous fashion. 

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