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Ranked 15-1: Our Critic’s Pick of the Best Homes in Paris

The verdict is in.


With an expansive list of jaw-dropping homes in this beautiful city, we can think of no one better than our Paris Home Critic to select the best in the Plum Guide collection.

“It was a tough choice as there’s an endless variety of show-stopping homes in the city, but in my view (totally unbiased) I think Paris has the best selection of top tier homes. From a villa with an indoor pool, to unbeatable balcony views of the Eiffel Tower, it’s a list you won’t want to miss.” – Paris Home Critic. 

15. The Observatory

With a sumptuous bedroom and views of the Eiffel Tower, what’s not to love? (Cute basket not included).

14. The Duke’s Villa

Just your average Villa in Paris. Catch us soaking in the pool or sipping cocktails in the garden. Casual.

13. The Abbey House

Why visit an Abbey when you could stay in one?

12. Rainbow Eyes

Avert your eyes (if you don’t like colour). Rainbow eyes is a unique panoply of the weird and wonderful.

11. Golden Bamboo

A mini version of a Parisian Palace, Golden Bamboo is for those who like all things gilded. Plus that balcony view is a winner all on its own.

10. Polpo

Who needs an abundance of bottle green vases amidst an industrial-chic interior? Maybe not everyone, but we’re certainly onboard.

9. It Started With Eve

Who knew that yellow curtains would work next to an ornately carved traditional ceiling? This home took the risk, and it was worth it.

8. Jigsaw

Small but mighty, Jigsaw is an exemplary home of understated elegance. The photography is also the host’s own. Fancy.

7. Glass Library

Perhaps not the most practical library to ever exist, but it definitely looks the part.

6. The Lady & The Dresser

Certainly no tramp, The Lady & The Dresser is here for indulging your inner royal.

5. Flora’s Oasis

Flora’s Oasis is showing us the right way to do family living. Playful and stylish, but without a toy train in sight.

4. Blue Waves

Wes Anderson meets Industrial-Greek-Chic vibes in this glorious kitchen. Plus that inner courtyard, how Parisian of us.

3. Corkscrew

Coming in hot at number three, Corkscrew is an architectural delight. Be the envious subject of all your friends by posting endless pictures of that staircase.

2. The Birdwatcher

Picture perfect Paris, we needn’t say more. Yes, you can really stay here.

1. Everest

Just like the mountain it’s named after, Everest is the worthy winner of the number one spot. Spanning a total of six floors, complete with an indoor pool and roof terrace, every corner has been curated with the upmost care. Knocking this home off its throne will be a tough one. 

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