Ranked 20-1: Jaw-Dropping Homes You Can Actually Stay In

Our Home Critics across the world have spoken. These are the twenty most jaw-dropping homes that you can actually stay in.

Trust us, it’s easy to get lost in the world of beautiful homes. It’s an enormous task to curate a list of the twenty most jaw-dropping homes across our twelve cities (there are so many), which is why we’ve enlisted the help of our expert home critics. They test every single home on our site, so their insight is like nothing else.  

From mid-century marvels to homes fit for royals, creative sanctuaries to factory-style spaces, they’ve seen it all. Read on for some serious interior design inspiration, or perhaps some ideas for your next holiday? 

20. Performance, LisbonDesigned with the utmost attention to the smallest of the small details, Performance is one of those homes that will always appear stylishly elegant. 

19. California Dreamin’, Los AngelesWhen all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, who doesn’t dream about California from time to time? If you want to do something about it, California Dreamin’ is our go-to. A view that beautiful will make all of your worries disappear.

18. Pride Rock, ParisLocated inside a typical Parisian Haussmannian building, Pride Rock has the highest ceilings, the biggest windows, and the most beautiful vintage furniture. What more could you want?

17. Turn on the City Lights, MilanWith jaw-dropping views like that, who needs sleep? Well actually, we do. Luckily, this home also has super comfortable beds. 

16. Pegasus, RomePegasus is industrial style at its finest, but did you know that it’s also an oasis of calm with its own sauna and jacuzzi? We can’t think of a better way to explore Rome, other than exploring the city, of course.

15. Kipling’s Tales, ParisKipling’s Tales is a fairytale come to life. With magical rooms and landscaped gardens, we like to think of it as our royal summer palace in the middle of Paris.

14. Earl of Fitzroy, LondonLondon homes are always mesmerising, but Earl of Fitzroy just has that something extra. It spans six floors (with a gym, sauna, pool, five bedrooms, and a library), it’s everything you need – and more.

13. Centre of the Universe, New YorkIs that the Statue of Liberty we can spot in the distance? We never say no to a good view at The Plum Guide, which is why we can’t get enough of Centre of the Universe. Prepare yourself to spend some quality time soaking in the bathtub with Manhattan’s skyline in the background.

12. Dream of Screens, LondonDream of Screens could definitely win an award for its architecture. Jaw-dropping at its finest, we can’t get enough of its unique appeal.

11. Saturday Night Fever, BerlinA bed that doubles as a dance floor, you say? Hold on a minute while we book ourselves on the next flight to Berlin. 

10. Choir Song, CopenhagenChoir Song flew straight out of an interior design magazine, and landed in our hearts. It actually used to be a parish hall, hence the six-metre-high ceilings.

9. The Glass Box, Los AngelesWhoever said that glass boxes aren’t impressive were wrong. An architectural triumph in itself, this home also offers stunning views of the Hollywood Hills. And there’s a painter’s studio in the basement for all of you creative souls out there.

8. The Jungle Gym, New YorkWow! We thought we’d seen everything until we came across The Jungle Gym. Part children’s paradise, part creative haven, we’ve fallen head over heels for this home. 

7. Cactus Culture, Tel AvivQuirky, colourful and filled with art, Cactus Culture is a real eye-catcher. You’ll only want it more when we tell you that there are also three terraces, an outdoor bathtub, and a jacuzzi with sweeping views of Tel Aviv...

6. Copper Cabana, LondonNot only is Copper Cabana incredibly unique, it also has one of the most impressive kitchens we’ve ever come across. A jewel in the crown, it’s a true architectural masterpiece.

5. White Lightning, ParisWhite Lightning is futuristic, bizarre and captivating all at once – and it has direct views of the Eiffel Tower. Now that’s a holiday home we never expected!

4. The Synagogue, New YorkSurprise surprise, The Synagogue used to be an actual synagogue (who are we kidding with those spectacular windows?). Today, it’s a sanctuary that you can have all to yourself.

3. A Royal Affair, Copenhagen

Fancy sleeping like a royal? Well, look no further. On top of being exquisitely jaw-dropping, A Royal Affair is also right next to Amalienborg (where the Danish queen lives).

2. The Glamper, Los AngelesThe Glamper had to be on this list. With its Californian-style casual glamour and views of the rugged Santa Monica mountains, it gets more and more jaw-dropping every time we look at it.

1. The Union Wharf, LondonThe Union Wharf feels a little like an art gallery. Its ultimate superpower is, however, the master bedroom. Who doesn’t want to gaze up at the stars when falling asleep?

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