Revealing the Best Places to Stay in Barcelona for Young Adults

Whether you're a young wild thing, or a young not-so-wild thing, here are some of our favourite neighbourhoods for young adults.


Cobblestone street in Barcelona

‘Oh, to be a young adult,’ we here at Plum Guide lament, ‘traveling through the gothic Gaudí wonderland that is Barcelona.’ Ok, ok, we’ll try to leave our jealousy at the puerta porta (none of that Spanish around these parts, amigo amic) and actually be happy for you, you young adult traveller with all of it to come. So, what is it that you have coming to you, aside from a healthy dose of tapas, seafood and paella? (Let’s pretend those aren’t all variations of the same thing.)

By the way, who remembers that Queen song, ‘Barcelona’ for the Olympics? Not you, you young adult. But it’s ringing in our ears as we write this. Very annoying. Look it up.

Anyway, we digress, it’s now time to look into the wheres and the hows. We’ve put together a varied list of the best places to stay in Barcelona for young adults that’ll suit every kind of traveller, from ravers and culture-vultures to sleepy-heads and sunbathers. And you could even dip your toe into each of those themes, making your vacation a little like tapas. And we’ll be your waiter this evening.


Trendy and fashionable, you may be, but you’re no match for this quarter of central Barcelona, Gràcia. Sip on some cava on one of the plazas and check out the tapas restaurants. Drink a few beers at a bar, before arguing with the waiter about football or Catalan or whatever your chosen young adult debate might be. In the day, pick out some cool bohemian attire from one of the boutiques and pretend you’re interested in purchasing a vinyl for the player you don’t have.

Passeig De Grácia, Barcelona, Spain

Passeig De Grácia, Barcelona, Spain


It’s considered a bit hipster and alternative, which makes sense, given its name means New Town. So, it’s edgy and cool enough for any young adult looking to make it their temporary home. Delve into the converted warehouses for contemporary art galleries and artisanal beer breweries. Rummage through the vintage markets and pick up some crafts that won’t fit in your case and you’ll have to leave at the Plum Guide Barcelona home.

Sant Antoni

If you’re in the market for markets, then Sant Antoni’s got…a market for you: the Sant Antoni Market. Pick up some donuts and sip beers in some of the hip establishments centred around that market. Grab a bite to eat at the Pa i Trago (keep that ‘I’ lower-cased) and go for brunch at the Federal Café, watching people go by in this lively district.

Barri Gòtic

Barcelona is really into its gothic architecture and even Edgar Allan Poe would be proud of the Gothicity (not a word) of the Gothic Quarter. Rising from its heart (that sentence starter gothic enough for you?) is the Barcelona Cathedral. It may never be finished, but it’s the best construction site we’ve ever seen. Also, remember, you’re a young adult: there are all manner of themed bars spread across this central part of the city.

The narrow streets of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

The narrow streets of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter


Here’s a great Eixample of the best places to stay in Barcelona for young adults. He he he. Just walk north from aforementioned Gothic Quarter to find yourself lifted into a land of luxury, where upscale boutiques and designers line the avenues. A youthful dandy or high-standing lady could get used to such fine delights, with the restaurants of the Angle Barcelona, the Lasarte and the Disfrutar Barcelona taking you to the headiest heights in all of hedonism.

La Rambla

Look at us, we’ve been rambling on about the best places to stay in Barcelona for young adults, and haven’t touched on the liveliest and most happening part of the city: La Rambla. Stroll down this wide tree-lined pedestrian avenue with your loved ones (or people you just-about put up with), and tuck into some Italian in the Pasta Market. Stay into the evening, when crowds gather and the bars and nightclubs come alive.


Badalona may sound like a bad version of Barcelona, but it’s actually a serene coastal resort with stunning golden beaches and the Pont del Petroli dock. This little town makes for a lovely escape from the hubbub of the city centre, while still being close enough for easy travel to Barça (we’re on nickname terms).

El Born

Back in the core of Barcelona, stay on one of the narrow lanes creeping through the backstreets of El Born. Lose yourself in one of the speakeasies and get an over-priced haircut at a hipster barber. As evening falls, knock back a cocktail at one of the classy bars of the Passeig del Born.

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