The Greatest Restaurants in Paris

City of culture and culinary delight, it’s almost impossible to create a definitive list of the top restaurants in Paris - but we’ve given it a go.


From foie gras to escargot, French onion soup to salade niçoise, French cuisine is in a league of its own when it comes to that perfect balance of rich and fresh; simple and complex.

Paris is the ultimate culinary adventure for every kind of foodie. Whether you’re an omnivore or a connoisseur, you won’t be disappointed with the vast array of eateries Paris has to offer. Whatever your budget this is the place to enjoy delicious French cuisine at its finest.

Unmissable Parisian Lunch Spots

There’s nothing quite like a Parisian lunch; sunshine, nibbles, wine and the whole afternoon before you to enjoy all the delights (edible and otherwise) that Paris has to offer. Whether you’re after a light bite, or something more substantial to see you through to the evening, here are the best places to enjoy a spot of lunching in the capital.

La Boite Aux Lettres

Overlooking the picturesque hill of Montmartre, La Boite Aux Lettres is a charming and rustic bistro that embodies the laid-back side of Parisian dining. The menu is minimalist, with only 5 of each course available in 3-week cycles, with each and every dish receiving expert attention from the chef, Frédéric Paul Chartier. The atmosphere is warm and the cosy; the decor sunshine-yellow as a tribute to the French post box - it’s the perfect spot to enjoy an authentic Parisian lunch. Prices are affordable, with 3 courses costing around €35.00.

Le Vent d’Armor

This restaurant serves inspiringly beautiful dishes, impeccably served with a romantic twist, Le Vent d’Armor is the perfect places for couples to enjoy a midday bite to eat, as well as an evening meal. The menu is rich in fish dishes, and boasts delicacies such as octopus carpaccio, cassolette of langoustines and roasted Saint-Pierre with watercress sauce. Each dish is beautifully presented and perfectly balanced - the prices are in the higher range, with lunch costing in the realm of €50.


This gorgeous establishment has coveted Michelin Star status, and it’s easy to see why. L’Orangerie gets its name from its modernised conservatory appearance; the elegant glass panes let in lot of light and are surrounded by beautiful orchids. The elegant decor inside makes this the perfect place to enjoy a delicious lunch during your trip to the capital. Brought to you from Chef David Bizet, the menu is the epitome of traditional French cuisine with that exquisite attention to detail. Savour lunchtime delicacies such as king crab with lemon and cauliflower, asparagus with poached eggs and glazed veal sweetbread. Lunch comes in at €75.

Dinner in Paris

Few cities on this planet offer a more sumptuous array of dinner options. Unwind in style after a long day of exploring the city over a delicious and thoroughly Parisian meal at one of these renowned eateries.


Opened by one of the leading names in Paris gastronomy, Eric Fréchon, Lazare has a refined but relaxed atmosphere. The softly lit restaurant is the perfect setting for romantic dinners, and the menu contains a broad choice of French favourites: from unassuming soup starters to fresh and delicious moules de bouchot, this is one of Paris’ newer offerings to the food scene, but the love and inspiration behind each dish is unmistakable. The average price for a 3-course dinner is €35.

Terroir Parisien

Opened by the highly decorated chef Yannick Alléno, Terroir Parisien embodies the essence of French cuisine with an added twist: each of its traditional dishes is crafted using handpicked, seasonal produce sourced from small local businesses. In doing so, it supports local communities while staying true to classic Parisian flavour combinations, and the result is astonishing. Where elementary French cooking meets Parisian refinement, what you are left with is a feast of satisfying yet elegant dishes, including confit shoulder of lamb, matchstick chips and delicate sea bass. Dinner is around the €50.

Le Jules Verne

Few restaurants in Paris offer a more exciting experience of the capital than Le Jules Verne, located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. The divine tasting menu takes your taste buds on an adventure through French culinary history, all with the stunning views of Paris’ unmistakeable skyline. Indulge in the most decadent samples of French cooking, from duck foie gras, to delicately seared veal medallions. The prices reflect the views as much as the food, so be prepared to fork up upwards of €150 for your place at this iconic restaurant.

Fine Dining

Paris boasts a vast array of restaurants, including 70 establishments that have been granted the elusive Michelin Star. For the serious foodies among you who are looking to dive deep into the Parisian restaurant scene, here are the crème de la crème of fine dining restaurants to be found in the capital.


The fresh, minimalist interior makes Septime one of Paris’ more approachable Michelin-starred restaurants. The polished dishes blend traditional French recipes with a contemporary twist, resulting in such dishes as venison tartare, crumble made from quince and verbena, and delicately cooked whiting with orange oil. Prices for dinner hover around the €80 mark.


This evocatively named eatery prizes simple, elegant cooking above all else. This restaurant does away with the pomp and ceremony favoured by some French chefs, and instead deliver a vibrant array of fresh and authentic dishes. Star picks from the menu include a lobster salad, scallops with truffle and deep fried sweet bread with fermented milk.

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

For foodies seeking pure indulgence, the three Michelin-starred Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée is the place for you. The beautiful interior makes you feel like you’re stepping into a 19th century ballroom, but with the added comfort you would expect from a modern Michelin-starred establishment. The premium menu features both traditional Parisian delicacies such as langoustine with caviar, salmon with asparagus, as well as surprising dishes with a contemporary twist. The dinner menu will set you back €395 - a pretty penny, but worth it for food lovers looking for lasting culinary memories.

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