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The Best Things to Do in Westminster

Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, award-winning restaurants and the Queen’s house are just some of the multitude of things to do in Westminster.


Westminster, London, UK

Power is in the air in Westminster. Not really, it feels the same as other parts of London: very heavy foot traffic, air tinged with pollution and adverts screaming at you to buy stuff on every corner. Don’t you love London? You’re spoilt for choice with things to do in Westminster from the big hitters of Trafalgar Square and Big Ben to the must-visit shops and galleries. It might not be the chicest area to stay thanks to the large amounts of men in suits and excited tourists, but Plum Guide has some extra special homes nearby to ensure you’re near the action in style.

Big Ben

A list of things to do in Westminster would be incomplete without mentioning Big Ben. This is the name of the rather large bell within the clock tower, which weighs the same as two large African elephants. That is your Fun Fact for the day. Pay a visit to one of London’s most iconic landmarks and take photos you'll probably never look at again. The bell chimes every 15 minutes – that's your second Fun Fact of the day. We know, you come for the excellently appointed homes and you get fun facts too. You are welcome.

If you're so impressed by this giant clock that you'd want to stay nearby, we've got a great Plum Guide apartment for you: Peter the Silver is a stone's throw away and the perfect base for exploring Westminster.

Buckingham Palace

If you're sightseeing in London, you won't want to miss Buckingham Palace. Pay a visit to the home of our Lizzie the Queen of England in her modest home and rejoice in the pageantry of the monarchy. Time it right to see the Changing of the Guard and try not to get arrested attempting to make the fluffy-hat wearers Queen’s Guard giggle. If you get lost en route, make sure to ask any Londoner who looks like they’re in a rush exactly where the big old Palace is and if they have ever met the Queen. Londoners are known for being very helpful to tourists (and everyone else).

Trafalgar square

It’s a giant square in the centre of one of the busiest cities in the world and it is filled with people from all walks of life. The people-watching is top-notch. Teenagers playing music loudly through phones: check. Excited tourists posing for selfies: check. Drunk man foolishly trying to climb on top of the giant stone lion: check. You wandering around wondering where the pigeons have gone and admiring the latest edition to the Fourth Plinth: check.


Known for its wealthy residents, high-end boutiques and luxury Plum Guide homes such as this swish apartment, Mayfair is quite the spot to visit, just a short walk from Westminster. Spend a few hours wandering Saville Row, soak up culture at the Royal Academy of Arts and stop off for tea and cake at Claridge’s. You deserve it. Traditional English pubs and independent boutiques can be found in Burlington Arcade and Shepherd’s Market.

Tyburn, Plum Guide home in London

Fortnum & Mason

First established way back in 1707, the good folk of Fortnum and Mason have been serving the London genteel with high-quality teas, sweets and hampers for many a year. Rumour has it the Queen enjoys a cup of their Earl Grey every morning. Delight in the prettiest of department stores and treat yourself to one of their famous Scotch Eggs – they claim to have invented the filling snack and for that, they should be knighted. The High Tea at Fortnum and Mason’s is world-renowned. Make sure you stir your teacup in the right way (start at 6 o’clock and gently stir towards 12 o’clock) or a butler arrives at your table and beheads you with a sword.

National Gallery & The Tate

You’re in London darling! Some say it is the cultural capital of the modern world. Those people shouldn’t be invited to your dinner parties because they care about the wrong stuff. If you’re looking for things to do in Westminster, head to the National Gallery and find mindboggling masterpieces on the walls and then skip to the Tate for incredible examples of modern contemporary art. The Turbine Hall houses large-scale sculpture guaranteed to incite conversation. Looking for more arts and culture? Check out our guide to the best bookstores in London.

Westminster Abbey

If being within a mile of Kate and Wills, visiting Buckingham Palace and saying hello to the crown jewels isn’t quite enough royal for you, head to Westminster Abbey. The scene of many a coronation, wedding and a long-held affinity with the monarchy make this church very royal indeed. Its is a glorious gothic monument to history and its walls are frankly, stinking with stories. Go with an inquisitive mind and stay for the evening choir and try not to cry.

Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant

Long-accused of terrible food, bad ideas and worse service, London has been working hard to refute the claims that it is the birthplace of ‘grim’. It is not hard to understand where this reputation comes from (eel pie anyone?) but the London food scene is on the up. The city proudly holds 67 Michelin Stars with five of those twinkly blighters in Westminster alone. For one night only forgo your nightly kebab and head to Pollen Street Social, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester Hotel or The Ritz for a gastronomic treat.

Peter the Rabbit, Plum Guide home in London

Now you're all clued up on the best things to do in Westminster, it's time to find somewhere to stay. Why not try a romantic Airbnb in London? Or you could stay at one of Plum Guide's expertly vetted homes. Our Westminster homes include the sunny, plush Peter the Rabbit and the pastel pink Areca Star.

Areca Star, Plum Guide home in London

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