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Tiny Living Rooms: 11 of the best

Because bigger isn't always better


Want some ideas for how to reinvigorate your small spaces at home? Look no further.

The owner of this unconventionally-shaped room has made great use of space. It might be small inside but it has the benefit of extending outside when the weather allows.

An L-shaped sofa often comes in handy when decorating a small space.

The Little Bastu

We love this sculptural, built-in sofa set-up, which creates a distinctive living area at the end of the bedroom space.

Pops of bright colour in a good-quality fabric is a great way of bringing character to a small living space. We love the the way the pink in this home is complemented by the colour from the books too.

This single-sofa living room takes up very little space, but still packs a considerable punch, on account of the bold rug, trio of plants, fabulous cluster of artworks, and attractive line-up of cushions. This corner has character.


What could easily have been an unassuming alcove has been transformed here into a wonderfully cosy and characterful sitting area: the block of map prints are great and the low-level lighting will make it a nice spot to read in the evening.

The ultimate minimalist living area, making terrific use of the large windows and fabulous green views. This space has more than a touch of the Japanese to it and we highly approve.

Is it a hallway? living room? Or study? It's all three, of course. Nice cosy lighting, and plenty of cushions and throws too. So granted, this isn't the place to try out a new dance routine, but it is a nice nest-like space that has clearly been put together with love and thought.

Under Over

This little living nook is to-die-for. Admittedly, the fab wooden beams and terracotta tiles play a fairly big part in it but we also love the big mirror (great hack for small spaces), mix of fabrics, and healthy provision of the all-important low-level lighting. 

A bold rug is a great way to delineate a living space, when it's shared with an open-plan kitchen and dining area. The cluster-hang of artwork is another feature that helps root the sofa and give the area its own character in the room.

Tulip House

So you don't have space for lots of large pieces of furniture? That shouldn't stop you having a playful approach to design. There's usually plenty of room on the walls, and door/window frames are another great place to experiment with colour too.

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