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The Most Unique Stays in California

Places to stay in California that will take your breath away.


Long Beach, California

California is called the Golden State for a reason. Blessed with beautiful natural landscapes, tons of valuable resources and of course kissed by the sun much more than many other places, it’s a great place to stay and dream for a little while. As California is so large, it has a huge variety of great spots to stay, and Plum Guide has luxurious, curated homes for you in all of them. Here’s our guide to unique stays in California.

A dome in the Palm Springs desert

Even the name of this listing, Desert Dome, implies that it has extraordinary qualities – and it does. Located in the desert of Palm Springs, this villa is unlike any others you’ve stayed in before. The building is a modern masterpiece, with the highlight being the dome-shaped annex with incredible panoramic views over the nearby mountains and the desert landscapes. The view is so impressive that we can almost guarantee you’ll spend a large portion of your trip just lying back and admiring it.

The decor inside the house is stylish and contemporary, with sleek metal and brick combining to create a space which is rustic and industrial, easily large enough for a group of family or friends to spend some great quality time in. It’s very close to all of the attractions of Palm Springs, and is also helpfully close to Joshua Tree National Park, if you fancy a change of beautiful landscape to admire.

Desert Dome, Plum Guide home in Palm Springs

Desert Dome, Plum Guide home in Palm Springs

An architectural marvel in a private desert

Have you ever wanted to stay in a modern architectural gem? The Sundial is a true wonder. Found in a private desert, it’s isolated in the best way possible. The surrounding environment is so tranquil and still you’ll forget all about your normal life. The house has a view over Joshua Tree National Park and the sunsets are breathtaking. What's more, it's very conveniently located for getting into town, despite the peaceful location.

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum, Joshua Tree, CA | Image by ChrisGoldNY is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum, Joshua Tree, CA | Image by ChrisGoldNY is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

What makes this one of the most unique stays in California is how the house merges together the indoor and outdoor. All of the interiors open up to nature, framing it as though it were a portrait. The interiors are sleek and modern, and fit well with the rest of the house. Plus, the outdoor hot tub and barbecue make this a place where you’ll really want to spend your time. Host Michael will go out of his way to make your stay the most comfortable it can possibly be, so let him know if you have any little wants or needs.

The Sundial, Plum Guide home in Joshua Tree, USA

The Sundial, Plum Guide home in Joshua Tree, USA

A Hollywood Hills escape

This truly stunning modern house is exactly the kind of place where a celebrity would live - and you are a celebrity (in our eyes at the very least, if not the whole world’s). It’s located in the Hollywood Hills, home to many movers and shakers in the industry, as well as an awful lot of cultural history. There’s also the small matter of the never ending views over LA to be had here the higher up you go.

Set in Hollywood’s historic Outpost Estates, it’s completely hidden from the road and you enter via the rooftop. Inside are the levels of open-plan living space, flawlessly decorated in a modern, neutral manner with lots of wood. Contemporary art lines the walls but it’s slightly overshadowed by the views over the city, which every room boasts. There’s a private cinema on the lower floor for those cosy evenings in and all of the bedrooms have fireplaces.

Outside, there’s an infinity pool and plenty of space perfect for entertaining. You can barbeque in view of the Hollywood sign – now isn’t that a holiday snap for the photo album?

Los Tilos, Plum Guide home in Los Angeles

Los Tilos, Plum Guide home in Los Angeles

A Malibu beach hideout

Malibu is the beach of the stars, and we at Plum Guide know that you’re a star. Perched on the rocky shore of the Pacific Ocean, along the Pacific Coast Highway (considered to be one of the most beautiful drives in the world), if this house were any closer to the sea it would be swimming in it. It’s a perfect spot to finally escape the hustle and bustle of your boring office job and instead spend your days staring at the horizon and looking for dolphins.

Malibu, California, beach, palm trees, sea

Malibu, California

The house itself is chic and neutral, with an open-plan layout and a large balcony directly over the water. There are steps down to the beach, so you’re only moments from the golden sand. The master bedroom also has that insane ocean view. The house is a quick drive from all of the attractions of Malibu, so when you want to pop to Nobu for sushi, you’re very close. If you get bored of the water (unlikely), head inland in the Topanga State Park with hundreds of miles of trails to explore.

The coastal look at Abalone, Plum Guide home in Malibu, Los Angeles

The coastal look at Abalone, Plum Guide home in Malibu, Los Angeles

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