Where to Stay in Paris for Young Adults

From the museums of the Marais to the swanky bars of South Pigalle, here's our guide to the best neighbourhoods for young adults to explore in Paris.


Colourful street in Montmartre, Paris

First thing’s first, there’s no ‘best place’ to stay if you’re staying in central Paris. If you’ve never been before, be prepared for the City of Light and Love to steal your heart and mind. Think streets lined with retro cafes, quirky boutiques, historic monuments and hidden gems. The city is divided up by the River Seine into Right Bank, which is north of the river, and the Left Bank, which is, naturally, south of the river. It’s then divided up even further into subdivisions of 20 districts - or arrondissements, dahling - which swirl out with the 1st arrondissement being the most central, and the higher numbers typically being more suburban and residential. The majority are only a few blocks long, and Paris is one of the most walkable capital cities in the world, so don’t worry about getting FOMO.

Gosh, that was a lot. So, here's what you came for – our expertly curated Plum Guide breakdown of where to stay in Paris for young adults.

The Marais

This is officially one of the best places when it comes to where stay in Paris for young adults, and there are plenty of must-do things in the Marais. It’s the heart of the city’s LGBTQ+ community, meaning that there’s an array of brilliant bars, clubs and general buzz around this district. Not just that, but there’s also plenty of parks perfect for picnics, bistros, fashion boutiques and independent art galleries. You'll also find some of Paris' best museums, like Musée Picasso. Make sure you buy a couple of baguettes from an old-fashioned boulangerie. This central district sits on the Right bank, just across from the famous Notre Dame and is the perfect base to explore the best of the city. We think that this is the best neighbourhood in town if you’re keen to experience typical Parisian nightlife. Oh, and shopping in Paris. How could we forget? If you’re in town to find that outfit, you’re in the right place when staying in the Marais.

Le Marcounet Barge, Paris | © Paris Tourist Office - Photographer : © Sarah Sergent

Le Marcounet Barge, Paris | © Paris Tourist Office - Photographer : © Sarah Sergent

The 7th Arrondissement

If it’s your first time in the city and want to make sure that you see all the main sights and sounds, then the 7th is the perfect place to stay in Paris for young adults. It’s got all you could ever wish for: the famous Musée d’Orsay (home to the Mona Lisa), Eiffel Tower, stunning architecture and quintessential Parisian streets, bakers and shops. You’ll be right in the thick of it at the 7th, but also be close enough to the business of the neighbouring Saint Germain to make the most of its famous jazz and wine bars.


Well, if you’re in Paris for a bit of ooh lala romance, then make sure you stay in Montmartre. This historic artistic neighbourhood of the French capital offers up breathtaking vistas as well as charming cobbled alleyways for you to get lost in. Home to Paris’s only winery it also offers picturesque stairways away from the bustle of tourists. Have a picnic on the steps of the Sacre-Coeur and enjoy one of the best views of Paris. Or you could just pretend you’re Audrey Tatou in Amélie. Up to you.

Quaint Street in Montmartre, Paris | © Paris Tourist Office - Photographer : Marc Bertrand

Quaint Street in Montmartre, Paris | © Paris Tourist Office - Photographer : Marc Bertrand

South Pigalle

Known locally to Parisians as ‘So-Pi’, this district is something of a Shoreditch, Hackney or Dalston to London. Basically, it’s très trendy and right up there as one of the best places for young people to stay in Paris. Best place to people-watch and indulge in some gastronomic delights is Rue des Martyrs. But come sundown, if you’re up for a cocktail, you’re in the right place. Pigalle is where the artists Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec and Van Gogh frolicked with the showgirls of the nearby Moulin Rouge. In its former incarnation, the area was a red light district, and while the area later reinvented itself as a quieter corner of the French capital, just bear in mind that as well as its (relatively) new ‘SoPi’ nickname, it’s also gone all ‘BoBo’ (bourgeois bohemian).


If you’re only in Paris for a good time and to soak up the nightlife, look no further than Rue Oberkampf as where to stay in Paris for young adults. The area is situated in between Bastille and République and features more than enough bars for you to down cocktails or wine (- or beer in its dive bars - whatever you’re into, no judgement here). Check out the schedule of nearby music venue, Le Bataclan, to see if any of your favourites are playing in town while you’re there. And make sure to book tickets in advance. Head over Ober Mamma for cheap pasta and pizza after your drunken night out. (You’re welcome in advance).

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