Where to Spend a Cosy Winter Break in the UK

Stay warm, cosy and dry with these great ideas for winter breaks in the UK.


Hampstead Heath, London

There’s nothing quite like winter in the UK. Nights draw in early, streets twinkle with the yellow glow of lit windows, there’s a promise of snow in the air and children roast chestnuts around an open fire. Ok, so that last one might be an idyllic vision too far, but the UK does do winter very well. You have to be good at getting comfortable and finding joy when it’s dark and cold outside for so many months, after all. If you’re planning a trip here during winter, you’re going to want to stay somewhere that epitomises the British spirit, and Plum Guide are such accommodation gurus that you have a plethora of cosy, convivial options to choose from.

A well-rested trip to Worcestershire

Just northwest of the more famous Cotswolds is its underrated neighbour, Worcestershire (before you arrive, please let us instruct you on the correct pronunciation of Worcestershire – just think woos-ter-shire and you’ll sound like a native). Rather than being a poor cousin, however, it is in fact one of most traditionally charming areas of England, filled with bustling villages and plenty of opportunity for windy walks over the slightly wild countryside. In other words, it’s exactly the kind of place you’ve been dreaming about spending your winter break in the UK. You’ll practically walk out of here with a British accent.

Alice's Rabbit, Plum Guide home in Worcestershire, England

Alice's Rabbit, Plum Guide home in Worcestershire, England

This wood-panelled house provides the perfect place to call your home for your trip. It’s the platonic ideal of a place to hunker down with your family or friends and watch the cold wind rage outside. A games room means you’ll have lots to do without venturing outside, and if you do want to explore the ground but get too chilly to continue, there’s a shepherd’s hut in the ground with a cosy bed and small kitchen to make a warming hot chocolate. Plus, super king size beds in almost every bedroom means you’ll leave exceptionally well rested.

A log cabin in Staffordshire

The Midlands is an ideal place to spend your winter break in the UK if you really want to get away from it all. Traditionally, a lot of British pastureland is found here, which means farms and a rural way of life. In other words, expect to see a lots of cows and sheep (you’ll probably get good at making baa-ing noises).

Cattle Call, Plum Guide home in Staffordshire, England

Cattle Call, Plum Guide home in Staffordshire, England

Nestled on the grounds of Knightly House Farm and owned by the same family for more than 50 years is the kind of log cabin you might expect to find in the mountains. Even if only for a little while, you can live the pastoral fantasy you’ve always wanted to, awakening to the sound of cattle rather than your morning alarm, collecting fresh eggs every morning and harvesting vegetables and fruit from the private allotment. A wood burning stove in the living room means nights with red wine on the sofa with a good book, or you can head outside to watch the stars from the hot tub. Enjoy the simple life for a change, and return home boasting of the kind of relaxation that comes from not having wifi (email junkies, now’s the time to break the habit).

Staffordshire, England

Staffordshire, England

A cosy paradise in Hampstead

Lovely as the countryside is, there’s are definite advantages to a winter break in the UK in a city. Especially around Christmas time, it means you’re ideally situated for the shopping, theatre and markets that are so much fun at this time of year.

Pond at Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath pond

Hampstead in north London is an adorable part of the city. Located on a hill outside the city centre, it means you’re removed enough from the action to take a break but still perfectly positioned for meeting friends and family and hitting the department stores. Hampstead’s village-like feel, cute Christmas lights and proximity to the Heath, a sprawling wild park in the middle of London, make it exactly the kind of place that a person with such good taste as yourself should be spending the holidays.

Here's to the Dreamers, Plum Guide home in Hampstead

Here's to the Dreamers, Plum Guide home in Hampstead

This comfortable townhouse is well equipped with stylish but squashy sofas, flawless interior design and a fireplace for long evenings in front of the fire. Kids have very much been kept in mind, and the house comes with toys and a bedroom for your little ones. Oh, and there’s a dedicated steam room for warming up on cold nights.

A deep countryside escape in Dorset

Sometimes you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When that’s the case, this British countryside is calling your name. Dorset is a wild and beautiful area of the west country, bordering Devon. It attracts the most tourists in the summer, which means that its famous coastline and many adorable villages will be nice and quiet for your winter break in the UK.

Tea for Twelve, Plum Guide home in Dorset

Tea for Twelve, Plum Guide home in Dorset

This large country house is the platonic ideal of a winter escape - it could easily be the location for any old school British mystery novel (although we at Plum Guide can’t guarantee a holiday free of family feuds, we can at least be sure that Miss Marple herself won’t turn up). With huge communal spaces for playing board games and reading the paper in companionable silence, a specially built private sauna and the truly idyllic rural surroundings, you’ll struggle to find a better place to cosy up for winter than this.

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