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Your Los Angeles Itinerary: 4 Days in La-La Land

Spending some time in the City of Angels? Follow our guide to fun, sun and fine dining


Los Angeles Skyline

If it’s good enough for the Beckhams and pretty much every other celebrity (see: person who is better than us), then there must be something to this place. They used to call him Goldenballs, but the weather here is more like Goldilocks: never too hot, never too cold…it’s just right, year-round. And that says a lot, because the City of Angels is nothing if not comfortable, whether it be fine dining, film studio tours, golden beaches or show stopping LA villas. One tip that we learned the hard way (by walking across great swathes of asphalt): Los Angeles is made up of an intricate labyrinth of neighbourhoods spread apart by endless big roads. So, make sure to rent a car to get around…and be even more comfortable.

With this Los Angeles itinerary, 4 days are all it takes to size up the diverse attractions in the districts and garner enough knowledge to pretend you’re a local. In no time at all, thanks to our extensive research, this Plum Guide itinerary will have you sporting board shorts and a pony tail living the luxurious Los Angelino lifestyle.

Day 1: Walk along the Venice canals

Bask in the orange glow of a Los Angeles sunrise, having changed out of your pyjamas in your Plum Guide lodging. Venice makes for a trendy breakfast hub, with the upmarket Gjusta (yes, you can use it in Scrabble) bakery and the Café Gratitude (who are just happy to have you). Like much of the city, Venice is a haven for health juice and vegan food. Don’t worry, meat and soft drinks aren’t illegal…yet.

Smoothie Juice blend glasses healthy green purple pink brown

In the afternoon, walk along the banks of the manmade Venice Canals, and resist the urge to ring the doorbells of the rich and famous whose mansions straddle the water. Since you’re in Venice for your Los Angeles itinerary of 4 days debut, try out some of the upmarket eateries in the evening. Try Felix or the Barrique (someone tell them how to spell baroque). Sushi at Shima and American food (what?) at Maso also come highly recommended.

The Greenhouse, Plum Guide home in Los Angeles

Day 2: Enjoy the Santa Monica pier

The Sidewalk Café on Venice Boardwalk is another iconic Los Angeles breakfast establishment, so get your hot drinks there and consider staying for brunch. Bring your board for the afternoon and make a fool of yourself surfing the waves in Malibu. You could also visit the Long Beach aquarium or the double-headed monster of a pier in Santa Monica.

Stay on the pier until it lights up at night. Let your kids play exactly one game each at the arcade before reminding them how hungry they are. On the way to such classy eateries as Tar & Roses and Water Grill Santa Monica, sneakily take a diversion to the Third Street Promenade, which is great for night shopping.

Hemisphere, Plum Guide home in Los Angeles

Day 3: Head to Hollywood

If one thing makes Los Angeles unique in the world, it’s Hollywood. Now, you could hang out in the Elstree Centre, where they film English soap opera EastEnders, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the Hollywood Boulevard. Check out the plastic celebs…and see their wax counterparts in Madame Tussauds.

The follow the crumbs of the celebrity trail to Universal Studios, where you can pretend to be an 11-year-old wizard and visit a yellow animated town called Springfield (those are two separate rides). There’s even a Krusty Burger. But you didn’t come to Los Angeles for the yellow-cartoon fast food, did you? Forget Homer and Barney at some of the finest and most-exclusive restaurants in the city. Spago of Beverly Hills, n/naka (so classy that it defies capital letters) and Dialogue will start that conversation.

Kombucha, Plum Guide home in Hollywood, Los Angeles

Day 4: Visit the Joshua Tree National Park

Three days in the celeb capital of the world and you’re already forgetting who your real friends are (hint: they’re us). You’re using words like glamping, Zumba and avocado smoothie…even the Church of Scientology seems to be calling out to you. Hey, just a few thetan auditing sessions there and maybe you’ll get to meet John Travolta Tom Cruise.

But, there’s more to life than glitz and glamour (apparently), so it’s time to get out of the city and appreciate some of California’s desert terrain and beaches. Nature will solve everything. Take a day trip to Santa Catalina Island or the Joshua Tree National Park, and keep telling your partner how nice it is to be out of the city.

Joshua Tree National Park California United States Landscape Sky Plants Rocks

Desperate to get back to the city? Los Angeles is surrounded by several cool spots, such as San Diego (everyone seems to go on and on about the zoo there). Or rent a Vespa and navigate the charming streets of Santa Barbara, while trying not to hyperventilate from your mid-life crisis anxiety. Then, after all’s said and done, and your Los Angeles itinerary for 4 days is over, get back to your Plum Guide home in Los Angeles and reflect on four glorious days rubbing shoulders with people who are aren’t better than us.

Secretariat, Plum Guide home in Hollywood, Los Angeles

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