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Even though it was the original fashionable hub of LA in the 1920s, Downtown LA (or DTLA as it is often called) has for more recent decades not been considered a desirable neighbourhood. With the city’s financial beating heart nine miles north-west in the studios of Hollywood, this smattering of skyscrapers and abandoned warehouses held little appeal, with city workers scarpering at 5pm, leaving the streets to the inhabitants of Skid Row. But thanks to a 10-year plan to revitalise the Downtown district, grand heritage buildings have been conserved and restored, most notably the Bradbury Building, Orpheum Theatre and United Artists Building, and now the Ace Hotel, is covered in murals by local artist twins the Haas Brothers. This gradual restoration of Broadway’s icons, along with shiny new arrivals such as the Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Broad gallery, have well and truly kickstarted DTLA’s renaissance. There's also a buzzy restaurant and bar scene. Though it's come a long way, it still remains a little gritty in the central Skid Row part of the neighbourhood.