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Apartments in Sant'Ambrogio & San Vittore, Milan

Stay in Sant'Ambrogio & San Vittore, Milan’s best luxury homes, short term accommodation and apartment hotels

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Top 20 Sant'Ambrogio & San Vittore, Milan vacation rentals & luxury serviced apartments

The neighbourhoods of Sant'Ambrogio & San Vittore sit on the South-West edge of Milan's historical centre. Sant'Ambrogio is home to the Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the city's largest private university, so the area has a large student population. As a result, you’ll find lots of inexpensive restaurants, cafés, sandwich shops, and pizzerias. The fact that it has a large student population isn't to suggest that it is low-end though - the area is extremely attractive and is also home to some very affluent, elegant Milanesi. It's also got some lovely churches - the eponymous Basilica di San Vittore al Corpo and Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio.