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East Williamsburg might not yet be as gentrified as Williamsburg proper - it still retains a grittier, more industrial feel - but the sense of change here is palpable. Buildings splashed with vibrant grafitti art stand alongside factories that make everything from plastic bags to wontons and tortillas. This is not the Brooklyn of leafy streets lined with brownstone homes. Roberta's pizzeria was a force of transformation when it opened in 2008, serving top-quality food in a cool, reclaimed space in what had previously felt like a bit of an industrial wasteland. Now, a remarkably short time later, some of Brooklyn's most exciting restaurants, bars, and cafés have sprung up in the area, adding to the area's buzz and appeal to mainly younger New Yorkers. Like neighbouring Bushwick, East Williamsburg is home to significant Puerto Ricans and Dominican communities, who first started arriving in large numbers in the 1940s and who lend a vital presence to the area.