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Only a bridge away from busy and touristy Paris, l'Île Saint Louis is a small village at the capital's heart that's remained peacefully frozen in 17th century France. The tranquility of this island hits you as soon you as set foot and the lack of public transport makes it ideal for lovers of walks, long or short. Despite this, your time on the island will be far from uneventful - l'Île saint Louis is known for housing some of the city’s most renowned art galeries such as the marvellous Galerie DDG (56 rue Saint-Louis en l’Île), and some of Paris’ best bakeries, fromageries, cafes and restaurants are also to be found on the island. Above all, it's thanks to the famous ice cream manufacturer Berthillon that l'Île Saint Louis has become a must-visit Parisian neighborhood. Treat yourself to a fruit flavored ice cream and enjoy a breathtaking sunset from Louis Aragon Square.