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Burst out of Rome's main station and you fall straight into the sights and sounds of Termini. Like many station districts around the world, it's loud, a bit grubby and ethnically diverse, home to some of the best foreign restaurants in the city. This is a convenient location, if not a particularly beautiful one, and your neighbours will be mostly fellow visitors to Italy looking for somewhere with excellent local transport. However, as with nearly every Roman district, there are unexpected ancient marvels dotted in between the reams of fast food restaurants and bus stops, making for a bewildering blend of old and new. The Baths of Diocletian - the largest Imperial bathhouse in Rome, dating from 272 AD - sit eyeballing the station building while inside Palazzo Massimo there are some astonishing sculptures and archaeological finds, the best being the garden frescos that were taken and restored from the Villa of Livia.